>Baked Lentil Balls & Bean Salsa

>Just a quick post, am so proud of how my lentil balls turned out – perfectly! They stayed in shape which made them look so much more delectable and covered with some bean… Continue reading

>Spring Rolls & Steamed Wonton Meatballs!

>So I finally made some Chinese food, the ultimate spring roll and some steamed chinese meatballs. I was craving for some good chinese food, so what better way than to make it yourself… Continue reading

>Coconut Macaroon Doodles

>Just playing around with my camera and my freehand drawings. I love doodling!! That’s my one skill that I really treasure, not many people out there can do freehand drawing anymore…

>Chocolate Coated Coconut Macaroons

> Now for the ‘cravings’ side of d’liteful cravings, I made some coconut macaroons from some left over fresh shaved coconuts. This recipe was taken from Martha Stewart with again a slight modification.… Continue reading

>Introduction to Ezekiel Bread

>This is my first try at Ezekiel Bread, although I did modify the original recipe a little. Rather than using flour, I used flakes so the bread didn’t rise as per a normal… Continue reading

>Meat & Onion Scone, asian-style

>I’m on a roll here… have to admit that this is actually for a trip that we’re taking and it’s my way of not spending too much money with the current economic climate.… Continue reading

>just made Date & Raisin Oatcakes … fresh from the oven

> I just made it, a batch of super hot, super delicious and super healthy Date & Raisin Oatcakes. I like modifying existing recipes to my own, to make it healthy. The original… Continue reading

>the beginning of a d’liteful future…

>This is the beginning of d’liteful cravings, combining both my passions – design and baking. d’liteful cravings is my food and design blog & online business, selling and showcasing home-made bakings. I am… Continue reading