>Beef Stew and Dumplings plus our weekend

>The weekend flew past so quickly, too quick for my liking. I really want 3day weekends, with 5day weekdays which means 8days in a week! Why didn’t they think of that in those… Continue reading

>Vegetable Curry with Fried Halibut, Part I and II

>My makeshift vegetable curry had a mixture of chicken curry paste (left over from the chicken curry a few weeks ago) and very rich tomato mix of paste and diced canned tomatoes. The… Continue reading

>Baked Cumin & Garlic Chicken with Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

>At approximately 5pm last night, the house was filled with the lovely aroma of roasting cumin spice, garlic, peppers, cheese, quinoa and millet stuffing. It warmed up the apartment too, so while dinner… Continue reading

>To A Wonderful Weekend.. cin cin..

>Well, I have to say that the weekend went superbly well. The final layout was as above, out came the final touches, crackers, a chilled bottle of Australian white wine and fried up… Continue reading

>Tonight’s Dinner Teasers…

>What a morning it has been for me, I had, and am still having such a busy day. I woke up as usual with my husband, sending him off to work and then… Continue reading

>Black Bean Pork for Dinner and some more…

>Dinner last night was awesome, it brought back some great homecooking memories from Athena Drive. Diced garlic and onions, with cubed pork, panfried until golden brown and fragrant. Then stir in Lee Kum… Continue reading

>Chicken Curry Special Delivery

>Last night’s dinner was utterly satisfying to all the senses – eyes, ears, nose and mouth, both tastebuds, tongue and for my husband, his throat, down his esophagus! But we used a curry… Continue reading

>What d’liteful cravings mean to me

>Hi everyone, I hope there are some of you out there following or at least looking at my blog. I’ve collected a whole load of food bloggers website out there, enjoying the recipes… Continue reading

>Lamb Mince and Feta Parcels

>What a way to end the day… we sat down and enjoyed baked lamb mince and feta parcels. I saw this on tv one day and memorised the recipe visually and decided to… Continue reading

>Flourless Orange Cake for My Birthday!

>We just celebrated my birthday and I made my own cake. I recently found this recipe for a Flourless Orange Cake and it looked too delicious to deny. I didn’t realise the work… Continue reading