My To-Do-Read-Make List

I don’t know why I made this page, it will be a never ending list of things that I want to do, read and make! I don’t know what I was thinking. I am subscribed to hundreds of food blogs and I get at least a few hundred of emails come through to me and I always get fascinated and inspired by the images and the uniqueness of food, crafts and what nots so…

Scottish Cooking Malt Loaf

Cook’s Hideout: Tempeh Rendang

JCHONG STUDIO: The Easiest Apple Tart

Repurposed Garden Planters: Recycling Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

Salmon Rillettes Recipe – Anna Zepaltas | Food & Wine

Pork Rillettes Recipe – Oliver Strand and Sam Filloramo | Food & Wine

Autumn Wagashi with Chestnuts – Wagashi Maniac

Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse | The Dr. Oz Show

The Secret on How to Make an Airy Muffin vs a Dense Scone (or My Day at the NYC Culinary Institute) | The Sleepless Life

A Sunday Affair: Blueberry scones

Chocolate and cherry scones: a recipe – Adventures of the Kitchen Ninja (a Vermont food blog)

Mission: Food: Dim Sum and Then Some: Char Siu Sou (Pastries)

Carrot Cream Cheese Cake Recipe | House of Annie

My Little Space: Homemade Kampung Stlye Sambal & Chili Boh

Chilled Double Chocolate Torte: The No-Bake Version — Oh She Glows

Fragrant Vanilla Cake: Raw Carrot Cake Cannoli

Welsh Cakes : Traditional Welsh Recipes : Recipes : Food : About Wales

This is my little to-date list but within the past few hours, I just added some more! I don’t think I will ever cross them out because the list is ever-growing and I will never ever keep up to date with them! Oh goodness, help me!

Top 100 Food Blogs |

You don’t have to read this, I give up! Haha! Who’s got an endless inspirational list, to do, to read, to make?! Share with me and I can always put it on my list.. or should I call it My Neverending List?!