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Coconut Protein Cakes

Spring is here and it always puts me in the mood for clearing out, whether it be the closet, the cupboards or the freezer. I don’t like storing things for too long, if… Continue reading

Edamame Mapo Tofu

Another quick Japanese inspired dish, put together with Edamame from a hundred years ago! I’ve been wanting to use it forever and this is the perfect chance. Using only 3 ingredients and 1… Continue reading

Furikake Fried Rice

Welcome to Japanese month, first up, a simple dish, very quick and very tasty. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard and I was quick to fulfill this month’s challenge. I actually… Continue reading

Fruit Mince Cake

Just to tickle the nostrils and stimulate the tastebuds, Christmas is just around the corner if you didn’t realise it already. I decided to make this super delicious and dense fruit mince cake… Continue reading

Chicken Chickpeas and Czech

Ahem… yes it is this month’s theme by yours truly and yes I did create something from those 3 themes. Although it’s not truly a Czech dish but somewhat similar because I didn’t… Continue reading

Wholesome Chocolate Cocoa Mint Walnut Cake

My adventures with breakfasts are getting more and more inventive and creative, using inspiration from several recipes that I’ve come across. My current trend of cooking and eating is a mixture of wholegrains,… Continue reading

Impromptu Bean Stew, Tomato Poached Eggs and Harissa Toast

It’s already October! Time really flies around here. This stew should have been served up last month for Lebanese month, my fault for being lazy. Too many things going on and decisions were… Continue reading

Black Glutinous Rice Pudding – Easy, Fast and Comforting

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, but since creating this dessert and posting it on Facebook, I’ve had several people requested the recipe (which I don’t normally post because nobody… Continue reading

Oh My Goodness! Braised Short Beef Ribs and a Blue Start to the Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the sunshine is snoring? Does that sound right? I have no idea. But anyway, it is raining outside, cloudy, gloomy, wet and windy. My kind of Day! Especially when… Continue reading

Easter Hot Cross Buns (GF), French Loaf and Lamb Roast

Plenty of “firsts” in this post and I am so glad I decided to do them! Catching up on this month (at least), Easter just passed over our lives and again, through the… Continue reading