About Me

A travelling soul eager to find an output of millions of words and experiences, I started this blog to share my newly found passion and adventures with cooking, baking, travelling, photography and writing. I’ve combined this blog into my foodie adventures far and wide, my day to day life, my finds and my travelling adventures.

I get excited about little things I find and see everywhere I go, I can spend hours in a supermarket, I enjoy traditional and farmers market. Supporting local farmers is my thing. I love the colour and smell of all spices, the texture of an old wooden table in a flea market, the sudden shock of a gingko nut hitting your head in autumn as well as an apple that’s half price because a little worm got to it first.

Starting off as a nervous blogger who’s now not afraid give you my piece of mind and eating live octopus, I ask you to walk with me, I’d like to share my story with you.

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If you’d like to send me cool stuffs, invites or just to say hi, you can always at dlitefulcravings@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you!