Furikake Fried Rice

Welcome to Japanese month, first up, a simple dish, very quick and very tasty. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard and I was quick to fulfill this month’s challenge. I actually made this last month! 🙂 Oh I love it when everything comes together quickly and easily.



Simple and quick to put together especially living in a country where alot of foods are ready to eat. This one was done in a dash and ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS!

1 tub precooked rice
2 cans salmon
1 packet furikake

Heat up the rice in the microwave with some water for about 3 min.
Mix in the salmon and furikake and keep warm.

A healthier version of “fried” rice, considering there’s no frying involved at all in this meal. Still taste like fried rice though! Very please with the results and taste too. I’m going to make this more often especially when I’m in a super rush. All the ingredients are so cheap too!

Because you have so much time in your hands, clean the bowl up, snap some photos as creatively as you can make a bowl of simple “fried” rice and post a blog about it! I’m so happy!!!!