Chicken Chickpeas and Czech

Ahem… yes it is this month’s theme by yours truly and yes I did create something from those 3 themes. Although it’s not truly a Czech dish but somewhat similar because I didn’t have some ingredients in hand. Most of Czech dishes are created from some form of starch and meat, with cabbage and beans thrown in there. The dishes are somewhat similar to that of middle / eastern European and are very hearty and comforting.



Beautiful isn’t it what the mind can create?! 😉  Some modifications were made but I did some research on what Czech food is all about and decided on a similar rendition of a Czech Chicken and Dumpling Stew/Soup.

Ingredients (nothing was measured I’m afraid)
Cream of Mushroom
Cream of Chicken
800ml water
Steamed Chicken
and I think I added in some leftover black and brown soybeans

1. Everything went into a big pot to stew with the water and paprika for about 30min on high heat, then 15min on low heat to thicken and simmer.
2. Strip the cooked steamed chicken into the bowl and pour the warm stew/soup over the top.
3. Serve with fresh sourdough slices, or in the more original case homemade Czech dumplings made from potatoes and flour.

This was a cheat Czech dish but it was a nice change. Made it quick because I had most of the ingredients in hand. So I was very pleased with the outcome and so was my dinner companion!

*awaiting for next month’s theme….* come back and find out!!!!