Epic vegan butter

Tahini Sauce


This is a recipe adapted from Mattie’s outstanding butter recipe at VeganBaking: http://www.veganbaking.net/recipes/fats/vegan-butters/vegan-butter.

First, please go read Mattie’s original recipe–it explains what the ingredients do, and why it’s important to be quite precise with the measurements and the ingredients. What I like about Mattie’s approach is that he replicates the fat/water/solids content of butter to give it butter-like qualities as well as buttery taste.

This is where I come in. I found the ratios in that recipe were not quite the same as butter, so I wondered how much closer I could get. After making a recipe with the exact ratios found in butter, I made a few adjustments for taste and found it was very close to a great quality butter. My recipe makes up the solids by  adding cashews to the soy milk in the original recipe. This increases the solids content without increasing the water ratio.

I mentioned precision above…

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