Quinoa Laddoo

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Happy Deepavali to everyone 🙂 My celebrations would go less if I don’t have any laddoo 😛 So I was wondering which laddoo to prepare. For the usual mothichoor laddo I don’t have the laddle to prepare. So I decided to make something different. Here is Quinoa laddoo…Because of its gluten free nature, I couldn’t bind it at all. Then found the trick from here and these are the lovely healthy laddoo’s 😀



Quinoa : 1 cup

Jaggery : 1/2 cup(can be replaced by sugar)

Ghee : 2 tablespoons

Water : 1 tablespoon

Milk : 1/4 cup (any kind I used whole milk)


  1. If you have pre washed Quinoa proceed to step 3
  2. If it is non pre washed Quinoa, wash it thoroughly for at least 4 to 5 times. Drain the water. Spread the quinoa seeds over a kitchen cloth and dry it inside home. (no directly…

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