Another Savoury Cookies For Chinese New Year–Chilli Shrimp Floss Cookie




When I was shopping on Sunday, I saw the supermarket selling the Chilli Shrimp Floss or haebeehiam in Hokkien (a Chinese Dialect). It was rather economical and 180 gram bottle cost only SGD 3.50. When I was young, we used to prepare this our self. It will need a lot of dry shrimps, shrimp paste, lemon grass, shallots, garlics, chilli and etc. It can be rather costly because of the price of dry shrimps. I have not prepared this for a long time. Immediately when I saw this, I told my wife I want to give it a try and bought a bottle. Immediately when I reached home, I opened the bottle and took some to taste. The taste was good, very aromatic and free of any fishy smell.


I got the inspiration to make this cookie from a Facebook Group where some members were posting their laksa

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