Paleo Mooncakes

This is so amazing. Studiosnacks are did it! I cannoy believe she beat me to it. Simply amazing and so clever. Must make this and spread the joy around. We can now enjoy our all our foods even those traditional ones that mustn’t be forgotten!! Yay so happy it’s unbelievable! !! Thank you Studiosnacks!!

Studio Snacks

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I’ve missed eating mooncakes for the last three years as I’ve been away from my family at College in Baltimore. I decided to make these while I was still in NYC with my family over the summer to share with my parents and older brother before the official date of the Mid-Autumn/Lunar Festival, which is Monday, September 8 this year (2014). I kinda just came up with this recipe as I went along with assembling the ingredients, and didn’t know what to quite expect. Realistically speaking, there’s no way these mooncakes will ever taste as rich as our family (and probably 95% of Hong Kong)’s preferred brand, Wing Wah, because the real deal simply can’t be replaced— But I love paying homage to…

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