Paleo Thin Mint Cookies

Fed and Fit

Girl Scout Cookie lovers! Fret no more. I’ve paleo-ized the fan favorite Thin Mint for your guiltless snacking pleasure.

The Girl Scout cookie booths and door-to-door {flawless/brilliant/sadistic marketing} scheme may have come to a close, but if you’re like me, the cookies are still haunting you. I have sleeves of Thin Mints stashed in my freezer, boxes of Trefoils hiding in my pantry, and quite possibly a few stashes of Samoas hidden in the house for a rainy day. The problem is, I can’t say no!

I was a Girl Scout allllll the way to the end. I got my Gold Award {equivalent to an Eagle Scout for you newbs} and stayed on as an advisor through college. I love the organization and experienced it a little differently than its reputation sometimes grants. I opted for the rugged, camping, stargazing, bugs everywhere, cooking with fire, horseback…

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