Vegan Bulgogi Sandwich

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vegan bulgolgi sandwich

Fusion food is a fairly common trend in Korea – essentially meaning taking different cultural cuisines and fusing them together with Korean food. While some people enjoy these novel concoctions, being labeled as fusion is usually a pretty good indicator of yucky food in my opinion. To me, it often seems to be taking some Korean food and drowning it in cheese, ketchup, or gravy or otherwise combining tastes not meant to be combined, resulting in mutant freakish concoctions that will chill your soul.

Today, I have a recipe for a fusion take on a Korean classic, but fear not loyal readers, I would never lead you astray! This is fusion in its mildest sense – we’re taking the Korean favorite bulgolgi and making it a sandwich. Not scary at all! Honestly, this is super yummy and so convenient for tailgating, or cook-outs. We love it.

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