{Grain-Free Banana Bread}

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I hate admitting that I have missed having bread in my diet.

I would love to say we were above that. That we have evolved to a higher food plane where the simple thought of bread is unfathomable, but, let’s face it folks… I would be a big, fat liar.

Now, even though I have bared my soul to you, I also cannot erase the knowledge that Jake and I have gained over the years… the truth that traditional bread is sugar-spiking, insulin-jumping, gut-irritating, cancer-causing and nutrient-lacking.

So what’s a former bread-addict to do?

Find a solution!

I have invented a truly delicious and indulgent nutrient-dense loaf of bread. It is a bit more carbohydrate dense than recipes I typically post, but it consists of whole food ingredients and I truly cannot find anything to feel guilty about when baking and eating this most-perfect-loaf.



  • 3 ripe Bananas
  • 6 Medjool Dates

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