Sweet Bites for my Sweetheart

Recent sweet bites with reference to the recently passed (ahem*) Valentines Day, I decided to respond to my sweetheart’s request (since Christmas 2012). Yes, yes, see the trend? A lot of throat clearing going on here…

Warm Apple Crumble

2013-03-20 19.35.50a

With a little short cut for the crumble being crushed digestive biscuits.

BUT little did I know, my husband already knew about it. Apparently this is the way he used to eat them~ digestive crumble. Admittedly I saw this on a food blog that I’ve been following and I thought, heck I’ll give it a try but he already knew! Haha, there goes the surprise. I’ve always made my crumbles from scratch, flour, butter, brown sugar but was lazy this time around so I bought some digestive biscuits. What a surprise for the both of us! Filled the whole apartment with the aroma of warm buttery goodness! Oh the guilt of it all! 😉

Hearty Egg for Valentines Day

2013-02-14 19.50.11

My Love Knows No Boundaries? Haha!

2013-02-14 19.57.54

My first ever attempt to make “moulded” egg seeing it all over the internet… Suffice to say, it was a personal disaster. How is it done? I have no idea. My heart shaped cutter was wonky? Man, it was so difficult. They show you how its done but doesn’t tell you want to do when you have to turn the bugger! Don’t think I will try it again, or maybe just shape it AFTER it’s fried!

Another childhood snack~ Kaya!

For those of you who knows what it is, how do you use to eat it?

For us, in our warm house, mom makes her own kaya, lovingly stirring this golden spread for hours to get the smooth creamy texture and our 3 pairs of eyes watching over her stirring and eagerly waiting with our piece of Jacob’s crackers!

Warm from the stove, we would have a square of Jacob’s crackers, layered with a thick healthy slab of creamy peanut butter, ready to be topped with warm kaya and LOTS of it. 2, 3, 4 pieces isn’t enough. Out comes the bread, soft and thick, more creamy peanut butter (or butter) and more kaya. Brown or green doesn’t matter, but my favourite is green! PANDAN of course!

But having no peanut butter, only our recently purchased black sesame butter, these beauties satisfied our palates and brought back fond memories of my mom and family around a heated stove. Wow, the things my mom went through, all the love and hours of stirring for us kids to enjoy, will forever be cherished and remembered. I just couldn’t wait to share it with my family, my sweetheart, reminising brings back warm flutters and smiles.

Think almond butter would be beautiful as well.

Oh, I’ve got my hands on a vegan kaya recipe too. I must try it out and SOON! My husband loves kaya now! 🙂 Where’s mom? I need her to stir. I need to get my nails done…

2013-02-24 08.21.34

And more kaya goodness.

Stuffed Chinese Red Dates

2013-02-25 22.28.13

This little beauty is definitely my fusion of the typical Middle East stuffed dates, I used Chinese Red Dates (deseeded), kaya and stuffed with the humble almond nut. Delicious and not as sweet as the normal brown date. Try it out, you will be surprised! Yum!

Here’s to more sweetness in our lives, For My Sweetheart and Thank You to Mom for such a Wonderful and Loving Childhood.