Marche~ Organic Vegan Friendly Farmers Market


Marche has started up again! Yay!! I’ve been looking forward to attending this market since I heard about it last year so I was determined to take a visit after procrastinating for far too long! And I have to say, I will visit again for sure to support the goodness and free market for independent home businesses or may it be a cafe that is already standing or a cafe in a dream, dreamt for the longest time ~ yes, I’m talking about me, myself and my dream of owning my own bakery, cafe, my own little nook where I can serve my customers with what I love doing most, sharing and food related… I just haven’t been given the chance and being in a foreign country, this dream can only be a dream, or can someone help me?

This market has all the aspects that I love, veganism, kitsch cafes, green farmers, organic food, home businesses or upcoming businesses, struggling to make their dream, it’s something that I support fully because that’s where I’m coming from too. I’ve got a heck of a dream ahead of me but for now, I can only offer my support to those in my shoes, well, those doing something about their dreams and making them come true.

With that in mind, Marche happens every 1st Saturday of the month and have only started this month as the winter months are coming to an end (although, a fresh dump of snow just landed last night and apparently will continue for the next few days until Seollal?) But I am looking forward to visiting Marche every month, as much as I can and give my support to them. Check them out on their Facebook page at this link and this link.

Enjoy the photos, I’ve enjoyed taking them in the freezing cold as much as I’m sure these wonderful people suffered too but enjoyed the experience at the same time! I am really looking forward to more markets to come!! Hope to join them one day too!


Lovely ladies serving up Macrobiotic/Vegan burgers and THEY ARE THE BEST! Oh my goodness, I read about this and purposely visited just to have a taste of this burger and I am thoroughly satisfied because it was such a beautiful burger and I know it is good for my body! Oh, I could eat it forever!! Thanks Yoonseo!!


Other wonderful lovely people, battling the cold with wonderful warm smiles and oh so keen to share their work and business purpose, their dream and enticing you with delicious samples of their food. The services and ideas at this market is so inspirational, I don’t know how else I can describe it, just makes me want to go out there and spread my wings…

IMG_0867 IMG_0877 IMG_0879 IMG_0898 IMG_0911 IMG_0921 IMG_0943 IMG_0952 IMG_0955

I walked away so inspired and wished that I could be part of that too. I tried so many new food, saw so many creative ideas, so simple, so beautiful and *why didn’t I think of that* too! Every table had something different and new to offer, everything was so enticing and intriguing. Pity that I couldn’t participate due to the lack of Korean language in my part but I really enjoyed my silent partner walking around with me, gently pushing me to pursue my dream.


This is the location of the market last Saturday but check their website to see when and where the next market is going to be held – maybe the same location too.

The market is held (at far as I know) every first Saturday of the month, from 10am – 4pm. Again, you have to check their website to get up to date info on location, time and whether the market is going to happen on the first Saturday of the month!