Coconut and Almond, Match Made in Heaven!

And utterly inspired by my visit to Marche this weekend, I seek to utilise my new purchase and finally make my own granola through multitudes of recipes that I’ve seen online, but this is somewhat a 90% raw granola which I am very proud of.

But firstly, yes, my new purchase – Almond Butter from one of the stands at Marche. This little beauty literally begged me to buy it, eventhough I could have easily made it myself (I always say but NEVER do)! It was so so so delicious!! Too delicious in fact when I had a sample. I asked the lovely lady what magic was in there and yes, 2 simple additions to the plain simple almond butter, it lit up my eyes, I cannot believe it, so simple, so good for you… ok ok, I won’t postpone it any more, it was Coconut Oil and a pinch of salt! Oh My… what 2 little ingredients could add to taking the simple Almond Butter up one level, two, three, four levels, oh my goodness, it was so delicious and yet so simple! I feel like a donkey!! 😉

IMG_0962 IMG_0971

We enjoyed the delicious Almond Butter on Swedish Rye Bread, dried banana and more coconut oil! So DARN Delicious, I cannot fathom the simplicity and yet, why didn’t I think of it before? Silly Billy Goat Gruff!!!? Delicious breakfast and lunch because it was so nice, we couldn’t stop eating them!


Then it was down to business, trying to get this granola business into action! Right, I collected all my ingredients throughout the week, scouting for the cheapest place to buy them. I had to visit a few of my favourite shops and finally got bargains from them. I have to say, the prices were definitely very surprising!! (scout around people, for the grass may be cheaper the other side!)

Ingredients for my LOVE granola:

Oats (I used raw & toasted) bought from High Street Market

Almonds & Raisins bought from National Food Mart

Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds bought from Foreign Food Mart

Dates bought from FFM but later found them cheaper at NFM! *d’oh*

Coconut Chips bought from FFM

Coconut Oil bought from NZ

Dried Persimmons bought from local supermarket (they are in season so run out and buy some even if you’re not making this granola! I absolutely love them!)

A couple more ingredients that I wanted to include but forgot to buy were sesame seeds (tan&black), choc chip or cacao chips, walnuts and some more home made dried fruits but didn’t have enough time because I had planned it for this week’s breakfasts.

I basically chopped up the dried fruits into bits, threw in all the other ingredients together, and massaged in the Coconut Oil. Utterly beautiful! Oh I love coconut… give me anything coconut and I’ll gladly hug you!

*don’t forget to soak the almonds overnight to release the enzyme inhibitors

*also, I don’t like measuring so it’s all estimated visually, just add more if you like a specific ingredient, taste and experiment. You don’t need me telling you what you like or don’t like… feel free!!!

Don’t even need to bake this love granola, just enjoy it for dinner if you like too!!! 🙂