Quick Dinners: Garlic Naan &Pork Curry and Salmon & Millet Fried Rice

Love coming up with a meal by just what you have in your larder? I sure do!

You’d be surprise with what concoction you can come up with, new taste, new combinations, new names (or not) and especially a new adventure with every mouthful.

Two beautiful pieces of salmon have been sitting in the freezer for the longest time so it’s about time they were eaten. Salmon is very expensive here, so when it is time to enjoy a piece of salmon, YOU ENJOY THAT SALMON! Eating salmon for our meal is something that I am very passionate about because it is my favourite fish to eat. In Dubai, it was cheap, widely available and came from all over the world. Over here, it’s either from Norway or the Atlantic so the cost is right up there with gold, in my opinion anyway.

My salmon meals have always been simple with a hint of one of these flavours – Japanese (miso), Korean (doenjang), Chinese (ginger and coriander) or Western (lemon and dill), so that the salmon itself shines through any flavours. Sometimes it is just steamed or fried plain because I just love eating salmon! And of course, salmon sashimi is perfection!

As for this delicate meal, I steamed the salmon plain for 10min and then let sit in the steamer for a few minutes with the cover open and enjoyed with some fried millet and blanched broccoli. Oh I could eat the humble salmon for the rest of my life. And to make things even more enjoyable, I share this passion with my husband who absolutely adores salmon too! 🙂 Don’t you just love it when things go perfectly well together?

2013-01-08 19.33.48 2013-01-08 19.32.43

Who knows this? One of those nights where there was a work dinner, this was my home dinner alone, oh do damn good. Maybe I should put both of my love together – fried tempeh chips and salmon… what can I come up with?? Hhhmm…

2013-01-09 16.06.48

And another little beauty, a simple pork and lentil curry, I made two batches, one with pork and the other just plain lentil curry for when I just don’t feel like eating meat. The curry paste was bought from a morning market in Malaysia, my go-to curry paste by Tean’s! YUMO! Stewed and cooked for a couple of hours, then spread while hot over a nicely baked garlic naan bread, also from Kawan-Ku from Malaysia. I miss Malaysia!

IMG_0682 IMG_0673

What you need:

Yellow Split Pea Lentils, cooked

Tomatoes, sliced



Onions, diced

Vegetable Stock

Curry Paste

And for the pork curry version:

Just add pork pieces. I normally boil the pork pieces in water, whole peppercorns, bay leaf and some salt to get rid of the porkiness and fat.

I also added some potatoes and sweet potatoes – when you add it to a curry and boil it for some time, they add to the creaminess of the curry which makes a heck of a lot of difference. I love it thick and creamy with a nice bowl of steaming rice.


IMG_0675 IMG_0677