Mano India by Manokamana


This new Indian restaurant caught my eye when it opened late last year so one day when I decided to do a spot check on our 3 local Indian restaurants, Mano was on the top of my list. The 3 Indian Restaurants closest to us are Mano by Manokamana, Baba India and Indian Gate. These 3 serve up authentic Indian cuisine but have since found others hidden well away from my line of sight that definitely deserve a look see too!

The menu is definitely fusion where they serve Indian dishes and some with Korean ingredients too~ check this out, Tandoori Porkbelly… sounds amazing doesn’t it? So here we go…


First impression of the restaurant’s decor is super cute with a hint of Indian and Middle Eastern flare. Definitely not your typical Indian restaurant. Everything in there was so cute, it’s more like a date type Indian Restaurant, not so much family oriented in my opinion, it’s an upmarket kitsch designer Indian Restaurant… yeah that’s the perfect description!!

Lunch on a perfect Sunday afternoon, lovely weather, lovely breeze, not too icy cold so off we trotted to our new adventure with Indian food in good old Gangnam!

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There was an English menu too (after having trouble with the original menu initially, which was about 4 months ago at my first visit) so I was very impressed. I chose a few interesting new dishes that I found on the menu, mainly ones that aren’t typically Indian and we were in for a surprise!!!


We ordered the House Salad, Black & Garlic Naan, Chicken Creamy Curry (had to order a side rice dish), Mixed Tandoori Platter and Tandoori Pork Belly.


20130106_145334 20130106_151339

The Mixed Tandoori Platter was impressive and worth it. It came with 4 different types of meat, king prawns (which we huge! fresh! delicious!), lamb tikka (my favourite), chicken tandoori and chicken tikka. Well worth the platter because it would be too pricey if ordered separately. The meats were all juicy, meaty, deliciously done and oh so spicy~ done well and very authentic.

The Tandoori Pork Belly was a bit of a let down though, I thought it was marinated pork belly in Tandoori spices so was eager to try it but it came down to reading the wording again on the menu which actually said pork belly cooked in a traditional tandoor oven. So it’s the way it’s cooked, in a Tandoor Oven, not really Tandoori Pork Belly after all. Quite expensive and was a let down. The rest of the order were nicely done and well worth a second visit I’d say, especially the Lamb Tikka, definitely my favourite. I haven’t had lamb for such a long time!

20130106_15104420130106_151406 20130106_151415 20130106_145959

That magical little side dish spicy sauce is my utter utter favourite! It was some magical sauce that I could happily have eaten with everything and anything! I tried tasting it to figure out the ingredients and have kinda figured some ingredients out but haven’t yet recreated it. I think a second tasting is in order!

Overall, great menu, great dishes, succulent, spicy, fresh and meaty! Great atmosphere, great date restaurant for sure!! It is a bit pricey (we paid $85 total) so be prepared to spend a little bit more for regular sized portioned meals served in Le Creuset cookware! Now, that’s classy Indian Food! Our next visit is the ever popular India Gate just down the road!

Getting there: Gangnam, outside Exit 4 of Sinnonhyun Station. The restaurant is on your left. 2F of 619-18 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Phone Number: 02-568-2007.

Deliveries available: http://www.머노.com