Maaahhsive! Underground Shopping @ Express Bus Terminal, Banpo

After a few years of planning, this is what showed its head after countless of visits through wooden boards, uneven footpaths, black and grey wet carpets, dust, darkness, drilling, hammering, massive confusion through a makeshift maze… oh so worth it and so magnificent!

Underneath this massive underground from Banpo and into Express Bus Terminal as well as linked into Shinsagae Department Store houses hundreds of shops selling all sorts and what nots. It has an East and West Section, I got lost a few times in there going in circles but after my 3rd visit, I was no more the wiser! But I am getting there. This Go To Mall is linked to the existing underground Bus Terminal shopping mall (the older part) and it is very clear where the new and old sections are.

Go there for a great time, to eat, shop, browse, you get everything in there and so far I have to say that this is by far the most impressive and largest underground shopping mall I’ve encountered yet. I’d be happy to go back there over and over again and can definitely spend a heck of a lot of time and money there. It can be very busy and crowded during the weekends so try and visit during the weekdays!

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This lovely ajuma was selling some of my favourite snacks and seeking for a second shot, she told me off really loudly and threatened to hit me. I’m glad there was a lady there to distract my shot but I wish I could have taken a few more shots. Has anyone encountered this issue? Why is it so difficult to take a photo nowadays, it used to be that people are so accommodating with photos… can anyone give me advise with how not to get into trouble when taking a photo????