Lap Cheong Baked Tacos


Food Purists LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!

Yes, I took two worldly cuisines and brought them together… shall I tell you how the story ended right now? Haha.. they lived happily ever after!! πŸ™‚ Yes, you SHOULD continue reading this post.

Fridge clear out time again… this time around, corn taco shells, few more lap cheongs lying around, beans piling up in the cupboard, it’s easy to see what I Β can make with these ingredients plus some pasta sauce, cheese and left over chinese spicy biscuits… yup yup, I let out my evil laugh and tapped my fingers together, having come up with an “evil” plan for dinner that night!

2013-01-25 15.18.04 2013-01-25 15.25.41 2013-01-25 15.26.26

Ingredients at hand:

5 Corn Taco Shells (whatever is left in my freezer!)

5 Chinese Sausages (for 5 corn taco shells right? make sense right? πŸ˜‰

Loh Poh Paeng (directly translated to Wife’s Biscuits, crushed)

Variety of beans, pre cooked – I used Red, Green and Black Beans

Pasta Sauce

Cheese for topping (I used Sharp Cheddar) and some broken up pieces of Taco Shells!

2013-01-25 15.33.34Putting them together:

1. Lay down the taco shells and place one sausage in each shell.

2. On top of the sausages, start sprinkling the biscuits, beans and then fill with pasta sauce, spilling out onto the baking bowl too so it cooks and makes everything nice and soggy!

3. Layer up with cheese and taco pieces to finish it off and bake for 1 hour under 180degC heated oven.

2013-01-25 15.35.57 2013-01-25 19.21.36 2013-01-25 19.46.34

Oh and then don’t forget to enjoy and experience a whole new world of taste! Mexican Chinese fusion Taco Bake… oh the joy, the fusion, the excitement and marry of taste together… it’s like a party in my mouth!

Trust Me, The Fusion Works! IT WORKS!

Brave enough to try it? Let me know if you do!!!! I’m going to try it with all sorts of different sausages/ meat/ even tofu? Make it vegan???? Who knows… stay tuned, you know me, I’ll surprise you with every new post I write up. Just imagine the taste in your mouth, it’s endless…