Tim Burton Exhibit in Seoul Museum of Art

Tim Burton Exhibit at SeMA (Seoul

Museum of Art)

What more can I say? When I heard that Tim Burton is coming to town, I had to! Had to! Had to! Go and see his exhibition. There was no way I was going to miss this and nothing’s going to stop me!! I read the advertisement in both 10 Magazine and Seoul Selection and got so excited I got weird looks all around me. I can’t live without my two favourite magazines, they open up a whole new world of Seoul to me!!

Anyway, so down I trotted to SeMA, on a cold snowy day, enjoying the snow covered grounds and chill winter air in my UGG boots, Canon, slipping and sliding merrily to an exhibit that took me back to my childhood.

You see, Tim Burton has been part of my childhood as I grew up, little did I know that he directed a lot of movies that I watched with my family when I was but a wee little thing, where my toes could barely reach the coffee table! It was a good time to reminisce and remember the good old days.

IMG_0738 IMG_0741

The effort put into his exhibit is just amazing! I was greeted by the most awesome rustic gate that was going to fall on me,  reminded me of many of his surreal movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. It was even more amazing at night (see previous post) but I couldn’t wait to capture the snowy gate, which is also amazing. Oh I just love the art and creation of art into reality, something that I am very passionate about, bringing art to life from the depths of the imagination… especially Tim Burton!!

IMG_0768 IMG_0770

The entire museum was transformed into an amazing wonderland, drawings, creations, props and displays of his work, I couldn’t stop snapping even before I got into the exhibition hall itself! The artworks and displays are already so amazing and I was gobsmacked with the creation. The walls of the museum were lined by his drawings and posters of his movies and I took every single one of them!

IMG_0743 IMG_0757

Photography was prohibited inside the exhibit itself which held all Tim Burton’s art work, hand written journals, ideas, stories, sketch books and props, even movie props, rows of little models of his animated movie characters, it was so amazing! I even read through and got to look through his life as he was growing up and his imagination from childhood till today, its so amazing what a little boy, a person can create with what he observes from around him and makes it into his own weird world.

His first script/storybook was rejected by Disney when he was just 7 years old – it was all on display and the letter of rejection said that he had alot of talent for such a young boy but they couldn’t use it then and he should keep on trying! I just laughed at the lovely lady who wrote it and her lovely handwriting and signature. I wonder if she’s still alive today?!

The walls of the exhibition hall displayed all his drawings, sketches, ideas, words, stories and storyboards, there were also tv screens showing his movies and also a covered area where he did works that glowed in the dark, it was weirdly scary and exhilarating at the same time! The models of his works are what really attracted me, that his drawings and imaginations could be created and transformed into something touchable and so real. I know it’s been around forever but seeing Tim Burton’s work in front of me just lights up a fire inside me, lights up my passion, my love and my eagerness to pursue my creative side inside me. Oh how frustrated and inspired I got walking and admiring the work of such a genius.


At the end of the walk, I had to go and see what Tim Burton shop had to offer and oh my eyes lit up like a little child. I didn’t know little toy displays and picture postcards could make me feel that way!! Haha! I was smiling and most likely talking to myself the whole way through, wanting everything, wanting to snap and capture everything, BUY everything, but there were just too many and I couldn’t decide, let alone afford everything, so I just hung around the shop, touching, playing and flicking every book I could get my hands on and eventually got his Art Book and a couple of artcards. I would have loved to buy the little figurines for keepsake, but which one? I don’t know! I love them all!

The one thing that really bugged me was the amount of people that were there. It was so difficult of get up close to any of his art work on the wall because there were just too many people! Oh my goodness! It was a Friday after all and I visited at around 2pm. I should have known, Koreans love their art and design and of course everyone would want to visit such a brilliant man, what was I thinking?! I spoke to one of the lovely ladies who advised me to go again later in the year, after the school holidays and early in the morning, be the first in and most likely there won’t be too many people. I will take her advice and return again because I surely didn’t get to enjoy myself thoroughly and will be happy to fork out another $12 (entrance fee) to see the work of a genius man this century has ever seen!

VENUE: Seoul Museum of Art
PERIOD: Thru Apr 14, 2013
ADMISSION: Adults: 12,000 won, Youths: 10,000 won, Children: 8,000 won
MORE INFO: 02-2124-8973 WEBSITE: http://sema.seoul.go.kr
GETTING THERE: City Hall Station 시청역 (Lines 1, 2), Exit 1, 11 or 12. Walk 5 minutes.
PS: I am going to challenge myself to draw every single one of his work in the Art Book to keep me inspired! Shall I post them up every time I’ve done one? Is anyone interested to see it?