The Kiwi Case

I’ve got a thing for Kiwifruits… a BIG thing, actually it’s ridiculous this thing I have for Kiwifruits. I absolutely love them and think I can eat them every single day for every single meal, every single minute… oh wait, I do already! Yup, I don’t know when it began but eating kiwifruit has taken over my meals and my entire life. My loved ones can vouch for that, they find it quite disgusting that I eat so much kiwifruit, they just don’t understand!

So with that, I came up with a task for myself, to investigate the different types of kiwifruits out there in the market, how they all differ and taste and which ones I like. Since starting to eat kiwifruit, I only found that the supermarkets here sold imported kiwifruits mainly from New Zealand (Zespri) and “Kiwifruit” from Chile. Since then, things started changing, I started to see new kiwifruits that don’t have labels on them but with Korean words on the packaging and some with the words, Jeju Kiwifruit. Also having read online that Zespri NZ has started to allow their species of Kiwifruit to be grown in Korea (I assume in Jeju) and that has been seen in supermarkets too.

My local neighbourhood green grocers sell my all time favourite Zespri Green Kiwifruit from NZ which is always juicy and sweet and that was the start of my loving relationship with the good old kiwifruit.

Now, having collected a fair variety of gold and green kiwifruit I could get my hands on, except for the Zespri Gold Kiwifruit from NZ which has recently disappeared from the shelves around my local supermarkets, I experimented and tasted the 8 different types that I could get… and here are my findings:

2013-01-04 18.17.05 2013-01-14 13.52.58 2013-01-14 13.54.38 2013-01-14 13.59.10

From left to right, top to bottom:

1 – 2 – 3

4 – 5 – 6

7 – 8


1. Korean Green Kiwi (XS) – Hairy, Tart, Juicy, Chunky (separated), Crispy Flesh, Slight Kiwi taste, Chewy Tough Skin

2. Korean Red Kiwi – Hairless, Smooth, Sweet, Soft, Tender Flesh, Tight & Crispy Skin

3. Korean Green Kiwi (XL) – Hairy, Tasteless, Juicy, Slight Crunch, very Fleshy, Crispy, Thin Skin

4. NZ Zespri Green Kiwi – Hairy, Sweet, Slight Powdery, Juicy, Smooth, Rich and Fleshy, distinct Kiwi taste, Fleshy, Crispy Thin Skin

5. NZ Zespri Organic Green Kiwi – Hairy, Tartish Sweet, Crunchy, Juicy, slight Kiwi taste, Fleshy, Crispy Thin skin

6. Chile Green Kiwi – Hairy, Sweet, Slight Kiwi taste, Powdery, Smooth, slight Tartness, Chewy Thick Skin

7. Korean Gold Kiwi – Hairless, Large, Firm, Fleshy, Sweetish Tart, Grainy, Thin Crunchy Skin, Kiwi taste but shaped like a green kiwifruit

8. Korean Zespri Gold Kiwi – Hairless, Small, Fleshy, Sweet with slight Tartness, Soft, Smooth, Crispy Thin Skin, shaped like a normal Golden Kiwifruit

Overall, my favourite would be the NZ Zespri Green Kiwifruit (both non-organic and organic) and the Korean Gold Kiwifruit. Alas, I couldn’t get my hands on the NZ Zespri Gold Kiwifruit, so maybe that might change my opinion, but till then, the Korean Gold Kiwi wins it for that category. It also depends on the batch they get from the farmer, but also which packet I pick with regards to the local kiwifruits because there are so many different varieties out there. With the NZ Zespri Green and Gold, they are always constant and are still my favourite, although the Korean XL Green Kiwifruit is coming close, but they seem not to have that distinct “kiwi” flavour in them. I didn’t know there was a kiwi taste until I actually tasted a few and found it!

And the Red Kiwifruit is an infusion of a Gold Kiwifruit with a Red Iris? Not sure where that came from but it has a Gold Kiwifruit taste with another sweet layer as you bite into the red part. Never seen it before anywhere else in the world except here. The shape is somewhat like a pear, with a distinct pear bottom where it curves inwards and has a few strands of red hair sticking out… um, interesting description!! I love it in its own category until I find another Red Kiwi species that is.

2013-01-14 14.12.51

The best bit after the experiment is gorging them all!! Twice, three times over! Oh my goodness, can you overeat kiwifruits? Are they bad for you? I don’t know… my love for them will never end. I will always be out there seeking for different types of kiwifruit, keeping my eyes peeled 24/7!