Foodie Find: Sweet Space & Lotte Super


Don’t really know what else to say really but when I saw this, I just had to go in. The big “SALE” word always catches my eyes but heck I was so happy to have put my foot inside and found a whole new world of sweet and savoury wonders, it renewed a flame that died a while back. Let me tell you a bit about it.

2013-01-12 17.06.27

When we moved into our apartment 2 years ago, I ventured out walking to discover my neighbourhood. Eyes wide open, heart eager to find the new and wonderful I spotted “Sweet Space” about 30min into my walk and decided to step in. Oh the joy overwhelmed me when I saw familiar brands, bottles, colours, flavours and labels, wasn’t too expensive either, cheap by some accounts too. It was a specialist importer of overseas and foreign brands, which is what a new settler always seeks when moving to a foreign country, comfort, affordability and familiarity. Having visited the shop several times, it then suddenly closed down after I returned from a trip overseas. Oh the sadness and depression I fell into… 😉

Then lo and behold, this little gem popped up even nearer to my playground and again, my eyes lit up with overwhelming joy, familiar brands, names, labels, colour and flavours that were again familiar to me and YES, cheap too! Compared to other foreign food marts that I’ve encountered since. Considering the location, it is a damn steal. I did ponder if I should share this, but since most of us are foreigners and share and share alike, I though, alright then.. I’d share!

2013-01-12 17.08.00 2013-01-12 17.08.14

They stock a lot of goodies, from cereals to sweets, lollies, jellybeans, gummie bears, chocolates, to wines, local and foreign, a lot of imported food and ingredients from Japan, South East Asia,  European chocolates, RICCOLA too for goodness sake (but not cheap), cereals, chips (yes there’s LAYS too) and a cold section of local foods like mandoo, kimchi, fruits and veges, drinks and juices.

2013-01-12 17.09.04 2013-01-12 17.09.16 2013-01-12 17.11.26 2013-01-12 17.12.38

Towering Campbell Soups! Not sure if it’s cheap but that’s the biggest variety I’ve ever seen!

2013-01-12 17.16.27 2013-01-12 17.16.37

I also spotted the new Coke and Sprite bottles, very posh! Very posh indeed! So if you have some browsing time and ever in the area, go take a peek. There’s also a small takeaway cafe section by the entrance of the shop.

Location: Sinnonhyeon Station, Exit 4, just keep walking straight ahead for about 5-10min (depending on how strong you can resist what else is around you) and it’s on your left, nice and bright, with lots of welcoming / opening flowers.

You won’t miss it, it’s the only “supermarket” along that food street. Yum yum, and when you get there, why not stop and get frustrated with where you want to eat, how can you choose? I don’t know, I wish sometimes I have multiple stomachs, I just want to try every restaurant along that street, it’s so frustrating!