Delicious Gogoomam Find in Sinsa Station

While I was on my road to discovering the world of the weird and wonderful, I accidentally bumped into this little beauty! Yes, her name is Gogoomam and I think I love her.

I first saw her in last years Seoul Food Festival and tested all her products and never thought we will cross path again but lo and behold, she pops up and says hi out of no where! Don’t you just love it when you get a nice surprise when you least expect it, well I do! This little beauty comes with all the yumminess of what you can do with a simple sweet potato.

2013-01-11 16.35.59 2013-01-11 16.37.21

You are really spoilt for choice, there are pastries, tarts, plain and fusion sweet potato goodies to choose, try and choose them all, it’s well worth it. They’re fairly expensive for what they are but you just have to try them!

Pastries: Red bean and Sweet Potato, Coffee and Sweet Potato, Cream Cheese and Sweet Potato, Plain Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Hodo? or Mandoo? Like those little Cocohodoe’s you can get, walnuts & red bean hodo? Is that what it’s called?

Plain Sweet Potato: Plain whole pieces, creamed sweet potato on a biscuit, creamed sweet potato patties

There might be a few more that I’m missing but the range isn’t that big so have a pick at each one of them. There are also package deals that come in a nice sectioned box.

2013-01-11 16.37.46

I decided to try a few myself, but by the time I got them home, the pastries were semi squashed, especially one as it just came out from the oven!! Damn it!

From the top, 2 pastries (top: coffee & sweet potato, bottom: redbean and sweet potato), left: whole sweet potato slice, middle: creamed sweet potato on a buttery flaky biscuit and right: chestnut & sweet potato hodo.

2013-01-11 19.22.40 2013-01-11 19.25.58

The 5 pieces costed me $7 (rounded up), not too bad considering and they were still nice and warm, the pastry still flaky and the butter biscuit still crunchy. They were really delicious for a simple sweet potato idea, giving me ideas for creating some of my own! You know me… always out to create the weird and wonderful!

Checkout: (Korean) If anyone can help tell me where the other locations are, just wondered if there was one closer to me that would be awesome! *thanks in advance*

Location: This one was in Sinsa Station, as you walk into the station through Exit 8