Bridge Walk & Ice Talk

Discovering and going on walking adventures are my favourite thing to do, people never fully appreciate a place when they zoom by in their cars or tour buses, it’s definitely not like taking the time to use your legs and enjoy the sounds, smells and sights around you while you walk.

Poking my head into lanes and back/side streets and then discovering something magical and unique is definitely well worth it, especially when gallivanting in sub-zero temperatures like my crazy self, I won’t let anything stop me! Hah! It was actually a nice day, sunny and probably in the low negative degrees so it was quite enjoyable especially with the pictures I captured, secret love messages I got to immortalise on a certain look out point and feelings I got to experience, it was so surreal and amazing.

One thing I love about Seoul is that many of its bridges are actually pedestrian friendly and I’ve actually walked across 2 of them, but this is my 3rd time walking across a vehicular bridge. It was a tad bit nerve wrecking at the crossing points, getting to the walking path on the bridge from the land connection point because it is purely a “crossing path”, you just have to wait and see which driver is nice enough to slow down for you to run across but the number of vehicles driving through is very scary. I managed to get a clear point at one end but at the other end I had to actually put my hand out to stop the car to cross, because I was stood there in the cold for at least 5 min and no one stopped, so I took things into my hands and bravely stuck my arm out to stop the car and lucky enough, the driver was nice enough to stop for me!

Aside from that, the experience of walking across a bridge is absolutely exhilarating. The amazing sunset I got to capture, the frozen Han River cracks were beautiful and there were even look out points which made this place a pedestrian friendly place no matter where you walk, there’s always a footpath, sometimes not too safe but most of the time it’s walkable and safe.

Also while you’re there, at the foot of a number of bridges are Look Out Cafes where you can enjoy the view of the river from a high point while enjoying your hot cuppa. This place is truly a pedestrian friendly place, I really appreciate my legs more and just being about to get everywhere without a car is a testimony to a country that has its urban design done correctly from the start!!

2013-01-11 15.42.26

This particular bridge that I chose to cross is called the Hannam Bridge where it links Gangnam to Hannam-Dong, my most frequented bridge by far.

2013-01-11 15.43.55 2013-01-11 15.44.06

This is that sticky “crossing path” that I had to cross only by the kindness of the driver who’s willing to slow down or stop for me, doable for sure! Be ready for a quick sprint.

2013-01-11 15.48.06

Look out point for pedestrians, only on one side of the bridge, at both ends of the bridge. Well worth the stop to admire the crazy fast paced world and Seoul itself of course.

2013-01-11 15.59.20 2013-01-11 16.02.27

I’ve personally not experienced temperatures below freezing point but thanks to the weather in Seoul, I now can proudly say that I have twice in a row now and most likely more to come in the future! I experienced my first snow fall last year, and more this year, a climb up a snowy mountain which I managed in Jeju Island up Mt. Halla and now a frozen river whilst crossing Hannam Bridge is a tick off my personal list. To see with my own eyes, a river that’s frozen and just the beauty of the cracks, colour and formation of ice on the frozen water is a great experience. All I’ve known of rivers in my life were either flowing, dirty or overflowing and causing havoc on the nearby township from typhoons, heavy downpours or on a river cruise.

Just the simplest things can create the most amazing adventure and experience. Take time to appreciate the wonders of nature and the beauty of the world around you. Sometimes, things are alright.