Celebrating Christmas with Choc Coconut Crunch & Tim Burton

Tim Burton has arrived! Yay! Well, he arrived a week ago, but I’m so excited to announce it today! *and it’s snowing outside*

The king of weird, outrageous, awesome, imaginative work, I cannot wait to visit and enjoy his work at the Seoul Museum of Arts. I think today will be the perfect day to head out, can you imagine this entranceway with snow on it? It’s a piece of art waiting to be captured on camera. Watch out, paparazzi Natster is coming! If only I can get out of my comfy warm PJs (I’m still in), oh yes I am!


This is my one and only Christmas baking I’ve done so far and will do for Christmas. I also made a slab of Coconut Ice but it’s not worthy of being photographed, too rough around the edges but I made some effort with the Coconut Crunch which was a spur of the moment thing.

I know, I’ve been looking through past year’s Christmas pictures and man, did I do A-L-O-T. This year, not so much, I don’t know why.. I don’t know what’s happened to my cheerful Christmas spirit and my making&giving spirit this year around. Non-existent of the lately. Don’t know but anyway, the highlight of this post is this beautiful coconut crunch which I put together again, looking at ingredients in my cupboard, fridge and larder, trying to figure out two and two together and what I can create.

So I had some left over rice crispies, Coconut Ice mix, left over cherries and cocoa powder… so this is what I put together!


1. Crunched up the rice crispies and mix them with the coconut ice mixture and flatten on a baking pan

2. Sprinkle chopped up cherries over the coconut mixture

3. Bake for about 20min under a 170degC heat

4. Leave to cool for a few hours.

Then I mix together some instant cocoa drink, cornflour and icing sugar to form an instant chocolate fudge topping with some hot water and soymilk, stir well and pour over the baked coconut crunch. Place it in the fridge to set and settle.

Slice and Dice and Enjoy!


Now, who’s been good this year? šŸ˜‰