Something Bought, Something Stuffed, Something New and Something Not

Sometimes you can help but be order take outs now and then… You know, being so passionate about cooking, eating and enjoying what you’ve slaved over the hot stove for hours is most rewarding but every now and then you should give yourself a break and just put your feet up. Or sometimes your better half just wants a different type of cuisine that you’ve been depriving him from! I do feel sorry from my husband, I think sometimes he needs a break from “my type” of cooking… So here we go…


Tandoori Salmon and Chicken Takeaways with Boiled Eggs and 9-Grain boiled rice

(he does love his Indian food)


My take on Stuffed Kabocha, twice baked and stuffed with roasted capsicum, tomatoes and topped with egg and cheese


With side of Dutch Sausage and a squirt of Tomato Sauce


Stuffed Kabocha with minced roasted garlic, tomato and chopped celery


Smoked Duck steamed with Thai Red Curry Paste in mixed veges


And to roll with that, Thai Red Curry Soup with mixed veges and 9-Grain rice

Fast and easy, custards and cherries? Hahaha…. have a great weekend all.