French Christmas Market 2012

Another little beautiful Christmas Market, we tracked through snow to get to this one and it was worth it, although it was small. Located in the french village of Seoraemul, it was authentic as authentic can be… I did hear a lot of french being spoken around me so it was really exciting.

French Christmas Fair Seorae Village IMG_0519 IMG_0522 IMG_0525

Christmas goodies and cookies all around, beautifully handmade. Also there were Christmas decorations, food and French goodness all around. Couldn’t resist!!

IMG_0529 IMG_0531

This is Gavin’s Sausages, an Englishman who makes his own sausages in Seoul and man was it delicious! Hot dogs all around… we just stood by the grill admiring the sizzling, splattering and smoke wafting porky goodness all over us! There were pork pies, assorted quiches, sausages, more pies that are oh so familiar as we had the biggest grin ever! Mind you, it wasn’t too expensive either!

IMG_0534 IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0544 IMG_0546 IMG_0548

We tried some gorgeous Rillettes which are sold here, hand and homemade by Cyrill Brenner (a frenchman himself), sold in a french baguette with pickles. Oh the goodness of it! He can be contacted here; and his products are also found at Leche-Babines in Seoul. The rillette was chunky, porky and fresh, hearty and very Christmasy and shall I say put some frenchness in our Christmas? It was just lovely and delicious! *he is also an excellent illustrator! love his little piggy*

IMG_0550 IMG_0552 IMG_0558

My next stop was this gorgeous stall, I missed out on it in the European Fair because the line was just too fre*king long, so can you imagine my utter glee when I saw it at the French Market?! I was stood in line eager to order, leaving my husband behind, but oopsie, I didn’t have any money with me… hehe, so I had to come back down to earth, get some cash from the frozen husband and went back and waited in line again! * embarrassing* well, only for me.

On the menu were assorted cold cut French meats with lovely crusty baguettes, sausages and cabbage casserole with milk sausages. Now that was what I was after! A big steaming plate of cabbage with sausages. Oh goodness, it was so darn delicious! The cabbage wasn’t tender and limp because he just added in a new batch when it came my turn, but he tried his best to “bash” the cabbage down and turned up the heat but the sausages were to die for! He informed me that it was milk sausages – basically pork/beef sausages boiled and tenderised in milk, then stewed again with the cabbage. OMG, it was soft, tender, melty… and I did see him put a big scoop of spices in the pot mix. I wonder what it is because it was damn good! Oh pardon moi of my francais!!! Does anybody know what this dish is called or the spices that he used? I NEED to recreate it again!!! Oh the sausages were the highlight of the meal… give me more!!