European Christmas Market 2012

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way!

Oh yes, Christmas is just around the corner and I am absolutely loving the white snow outside my window, I am loving the Christmas markets popping up all over the place, the decorations, music, promotions, specials, oooh, the joy and wonders of Christmas. I just turn into a little girl just thinking about Christmas.

I have to admit that I have only just put up the Christmas decorations in our apartment last night, yes, smack me on the hand, but I just seem to be doing other things but not the Christmas decorations! *ahem* it’s called procrastinating aka lazybum-ness! 😛 But it is up, finally, only to last for the next few weeks? d’oh!

But, Christmas for us means markets, fairs, festivals, events, hoping that it’ll show it’s head around this area and it did! We missed out on most of them last year because we were overseas but this year, we managed to squeeze in a few and I am really astonished and in utter shock to see the involvement and commitment of displays, foods and fairs around for a country who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, per-se.

EU Christmas Fair KOR 2012-11-30 15.40.08

They definitely did a great job bringing the Christmas spirit to all!! I felt immersed in the spirit of Christmas, everybody came and gathered for one purpose, experiencing Christmas! One downfall for me personally was that it was too small, too few stalls and also the area the market was held was really small. I was lucky enough to visit the market on a Friday where it was really quiet and then again on Saturday where I couldn’t even move and had to wait 10min in line for lasagne!? Wowee…

So we did a few rounds and experienced countries through their culinary delights and really enjoyed it. There were mainly cooked food, some had Christmas decorations for sale and also Christmas baking for sale which were such a novelty and we definitely bought our share. We tried a whole lot of food (glad that they were in small portions) from all the stalls and were stuffed by the end of the day.


The Seoul Hilton Hotel serving Beef Goulash and assorted Christmas cookies, cakes, slices and pies.

2012-12-01 12.52.52

Beef Goulash – super delicious,  spicy, hot, hearty, chunky and well worth $5! We went back for seconds!

IMG_0376 IMG_0378 IMG_0380

Altantic Salmon with Rye Bread and Sweet Chestnut stuffed waffles


The French Stall


Assorted Sausages and Cabbage and Milk Sausage Stew calling out my name!

IMG_0396 IMG_0403 2012-12-01 13.03.32

Swiss Stall, what else? Cheese cheese and more cheese! Melted Cheese on Hash..oh the melty goodness..


IMG_0408 IMG_0413 2012-12-01 13.11.55

Gorgeous French Crepes, Ham & Cheese and Provence Crepe! Oh goodness me…

2012-12-01 13.13.13 IMG_0418

The Dutch Stall (although she doesn’t look Dutch to me) but she did serve an awesome Dutch Pea Soup!

2012-12-01 13.30.23

Creamy, warm, hearty and chunky Dutch Pea Soup and a sneaky side of Lasagne from the Italian Stall

IMG_0422 IMG_0415 IMG_0370 IMG_0372 IMG_0365 2012-12-01 13.57.55

Last but not least, Ghluwein is a must during Christmas! Our staple drink since Dubai for Christmas, introduced years ago when my husband spent a couple of years in Germany, in a former life. It was so delicious, the right amount of red wine and spices, hot and alcoholic enough to make you giggle like a school girl and become a person you don’t want to remember tomorrow! Haha! That’s just me… I think I did a dance and a wiggle (after all Jingle Bells was playing on the speakers!)… don’t blame me for getting in the mood!! 😉

We thoroughly enjoyed doing a taster around Europe in 1 hour. I think I’m hooked on that Dutch Pea Soup. I want to make it one day, does anybody have a fail-proof Dutch Pea Soup recipe for me? I’d like the most traditional of the most traditional recipe! That’s only the best, like grandma use to make right? Where are my soon to be Dutch foodie pals out there?!

Have a Merry Christmas All, only 13 more days!! HO! HO! HO!