Hot Stuff, Coming Through!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the SIWA Bazaar which hosted over 30 tables from different countries, bringing together cultures, food and fun. It was getting close to Christmas so there were a few Christmas fares, some local but mainly overseas goodies which we were familiar with. I couldn’t help but get in the Christmas mood and stocked up on a stash of goodies like our yearly Stollen Bread craving, Licorice All Sorts (my husband’s favourite), Gingerbread Marzipan Slices, Stroopwaffles and who can resist a good big bottle of Russian Vodka?

The Stollen Breads were from the Costco table, Russian Vodka from the Russian table obviously and I think the rest of the marzipan goodness were from the Dutch or Polish table, I cannot remember. I have to say, Scandinavia/Europe as a whole offers the best goodies as well as decorations for Christmas entertaining. They have the storybook white Christmases, gorgeous mulled wine, Christmas spices, the bestest Christmas markets and fairs! Oh I wish we could enjoy it all in person!! But alas, this is the closest we can ever get to enjoying a European/Scandinavian Christmas.

The Bazaar was fantastic, but I wish they held it more than 1 day too, so I could actually share the experience with my husband. I was so glad I decided to attend this year, having missed it last year – I just have to get my big fat bum into gear and head out into the cold!! If I remember, that would be 2 layers of leggings, 1 pair of jeans and 3 layers of tops and 2 jackets! Good grief, it’s a no wonder I don’t want to go out in the winter, I’m already knackered from getting dressed!

Few more pics then we’re down to getting some HOT STUFF!

It was a good day, a very good day indeed!

New Exciting Find of the Month! 🙂

I did it! I went out and finally got myself the “Red Kiwi” I’ve been eyeing for 1 year now. The price was and still is extortionist but I just had to try it! And it was well worth it. It has the Gold Kiwi base but with red iris (that’s what I call the inside of the fruit). It was tart and firm around the iris, which was sweet and soft, totally different taste and texture. It was lovely! Wish I could have it more often but I don’t think I can bring myself to paying $5.80 for 5 of these gorgeous unique fruit. Think it might be locally produced, after all, I don’t see any visible English on the packaging.

Soup Order Number 1

Creamy Roasted Vegetable Rice Soup with Spicy Chorizo

First up, this gorgeous rice porridge-soup. Totally made up from left overs I admit, but totally delicious, he admits! 😉 I bought some Rye Champagne for cheap, 1/2 a loaf for $3.50 with good slabs of butter and pan fried Italian Spicy Chorizo on a cold autumn night! Warms the cockles of the heart doesn’t it?

2 tbsp mungbeans

2 tbsp french lentils

5 cloves of roasted garlic

4 tbsp roasted onions

1 bowl precooked rice

2 tbsp soft tofu

1 bowl of chicken stock

lashings of balsamic vinegar

sprinkles of rosemary, oregano and thyme

salt and pepper

1. Process all the above ingredients, except the balsamic vinegar, spices and seasoning, till smooth.

2. Place the smooth paste into a pot with the chicken stock and boil up.

3. When done, stir in the balsamic vinegar, herbs and seasoning, to taste.

Soup Order Number 2

Chunky Curry Roasted Vegetable Soup

(this one is for the super spicy chilli lover)

Same Ingredients as Above, plus…

2, 3, 4, 5 (I forget) tbsp of minced ginger

5, 4, 3, 2,1 fresh green chillies (wish I didn’t put so many in!)

2, 3, 4, 5 (I also forget) tbsp of curry powder

1 bowl mushroom stock (from soaking black mushrooms)

oh yeah and 1 head of broccoli

1. Puree the tofu, roasted garlic and 1/2 of the roasted onions.

2. Place the rest of the ingredients into a pot, with the puree and mushroom stock.

3. Bring to boil and stir in herbs and spices. Season to taste (lots of pepper for me please!)

4. Place pieces of raw broccoli in a bowl and pour hot soup over them which will slowly “cook” them. Still with a bit of crunch which is how I like them. Leave for a few minutes or seconds if you cannot wait, like me and now I’m suffering from minor burns on the roof of my mouf!

Plus a guest chef surprise for dinner! This came in the post today and I had a great time looking through the book. She has an almost similar post up of a Curried Lentil and Pumpkin Soup, it’s on the to-do-make-read list! 🙂

*took out a block of tempeh for tomorrow night’s dinner, what should I make?