Eating the Colours of Autumn

I’ve never actually appreciate Autumn and the amazing vibrant colours! Where was I last year? These are some photos from my weekly walkabouts. Nature is so beautiful!

The two pictures above were taken from behind a screen, hence the grainy look. Taken behind shelter undercover from the wicked rain and furious winds yesterday! The covered road and walkway look absolutely beautiful and brightly blanketed, slowly creating naked trees! *cheeky*

Giving homage and welcoming Autumn, well, another one more month at least, I decided to play around with more persimmons. From my earlier post here, Something New This Way Comes, where I played with persimmons, this is another spontaneous play with the sweet orange creamy fruit! Did I mention they are selling here for $2 for a tray of 6-10 fruits? O.M.G.ness! Yummo!

These beautiful fluffy Creamy Muffincakes were quickly whipped up for a friend who was going off for a long holiday. I decided to butterfly the muffincakes so that I could stuff them with creamy coconut and persimmon for that extra creamy delicate delight with every bite.

For the muffincakes:

1 packet of pancake mix

1 1/2 cups flour

1 cup castor sugar

1 tsp baking powder

200ml soy milk

80g butter, softened

2 eggs

1. Place all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.

2. Stir in the butter, then eggs and finally the milk.

3. Mix well and mix gently till creamy consistency.

4. Pour the batter into muffin tray and bake for 30-40min under 180degC heat.

For the coconut cream and persimmon stuffing:

1 packet coconut powder

– creamed with water or coconut oil, make sure the consistency is thick and creamy

– dessicated coconut can be added too for texture and to absorb any excess liquid

Fuyu Persimmons (super soft brightly orange coloured persimmons)

– scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon

Bringing the two together:

Using a small knife, cut in a circular motion on the top of the muffin, directing the knife in the middle of the cupcake, so when you pop out the cutting, it’s a perfect cone.

Place a teaspoon each of creamy coconut and persimmon into the pit.

To complete the presentation, slice the popped-out cone in half and place it in the middle of the stuffed cupcake. Press down gently so that the wings will stay put.

Enjoy the ooohs and aaahs! 😉 *wink wink*

After a long time researching, reading, pondering, discussing and arguing with myself (and my husband), I finally did it! I had to add this picture, can’t wait to take it out of the box and enjoy some healthy goodness! I’m so happy it’s mine!!

One more picture for good measure? 😉 Yum yum!

On a more savoury tone, but still eating autumn colours, dinner was immense!

I couldn’t believe the colour of the salmon when I took it out of the steamer. I was in shock when I saw the colour, it looked exactly the same raw and cooked. I had to cut into it to make sure it was cooked. I took a second to check if it was hot, thinking the cooker wasn’t working? No, that can’t be right, it is hot!! The colour was breath-taking. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Come to think of it, I don’t even know if it was a salmon that I bought (still haven’t learnt the local lingo) or if it was trout. But in saying that, I don’t even know how trout tastes like, I’ve never had it before. Have you? How can you tell the difference?

Suffice to say that dinner was dang delicious – steamed with fresh dill and lemon…nom nom…

We had a beautiful fresh side salad:

Beluga (french) lentils

Mung Beans

Chopped Almonds

Minced garlic and ginger

Fresh Chillies


Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme (plucked fresh from the herb garden!)

Shared with my love and apologies for stopping you from enjoying it to get my shots! Sorry darling!! *sorry* – yup, I got the look!

I managed to do a big batch of precooked beans, so dinner was up in a jiffy. I normally soak, sprout and cook my beans to have either cold or warm salads – my big batch includes red, green, black beans. I manage to find some cheap french lentils and chana dhal too, so that’ll be on our menu for the next few weeks. I’ve minced fresh young ginger, roasted 2kgs of garlic and 2kgs of onions this weekend plus some fresh green and red chillies.

I’ve also made some homemade chicken and vege stock! Had a domestic goddess weekend considering the sky was crying so I’m glad to have kept myself occupied. Homemade stock and precooked ingredients are very satisfying to me personally, I don’t need to spend too much time preparing dinner for late night returns and it’s all fresh and whole.  Do you feel the same way too? Freed the weekdays for myself and maybe a spot or two of shopping!! Yay!