My New Buys and some Creamy Brown and Hairy Balls!

Sorry for grossing you out! But I did get your attention didn’t I?! 😉 Wait for it, wait for it…

Firstly, I want to show off my new buys – these gorgeous deep wooden soup spoons? ladels? and chopsticks. Also showing off my delicious mushroom noodle soup made with the most magical, flavoursome broth straight from the mushrooms themselves! I soaked black chinese mushrooms for about 2-3days (unintentionally) and turned the soaked liquid into mushroom soup and oh, it was so deep and flavourful. No need for a separate vege broth or just plain water, no need for seasoning, just plain delicious hot mushroom noodle soup – no waste either! Yay!

And now……

Who ordered the creamy brown hairy balls?

Magically appear before your very eyes;

2 cups (each) Oats & Buckwheat – soaked and grinded

2 cups Dessicated Coconut

1/4 cup Coconut Oil

2 cups Almond Flour


(Mix the 3 below together to form a creamy paste first which then goes in with the rest of the ingredients)

1 cup drinking cocoa powder – you can always add more as you go

200ml coconut milk

1 whole avocado (smoothly blended)

{add more coconut milk if the mixture gets too sticky or water}

Mix, Grind & Roll


Oh the joy of creating something so beautiful and delicate out of mere leftovers and not-sure-what-to-do-with-this-mess-that-didnt-turn-out-right-originally ingredients! 🙂 Haha, what a mess I’ve become. Trying out new concoctions, that work most of the time but now and then, it doesn’t. Guess I’m not always lucky with my experiments.

Don’t even start with the looks that my poor “lab rat” gave me when the “original version” was presented to him which then converted into these beautiful, delicious, creamy balls. Yes? No? Well, there’s only 5 left so I guess I got it right the second time round!

(I think it was the magic combination of cocoa and coconut that got the thumbs up-his 2 favourite ingredients) hehe…