Travel, Eat, Breathe and Repeat

Still with me? Here I am, I was always here, went away for a while but I’m back now. So to cut a long story short, I travelled, ate, slept, breathed and repeated for about 70 days.

I loved every second of it, I love the fact that I can come back and blog to the world about what gets me excited and giggle like a school girl even though I am way past that age bracket. Yes, I don’t care! I want to giggle like a school girl as often as I can and love every second of it.

It’s been wonderful spending time with family, it makes you feel more closer to them and more precious with every second being with them. The warmth of the touch, the laughter during conversations, the hugs goodnight, the fresh breathe of the morning dew sharing coffee on the deck and the bright sun rays beaming into the living room or lashings of rain. I love being back home.

Precious Sharing Moments

My mom is a fast learner. I made her super energy balls and she came back with these super energy fancy balls! Jealous much?! I am! 😉

Introduced my lovely mom to homemade bircher muesli with soy yoghurt! Mmm… soy goodness!

Mom lovingly made my favourite dishes for my birthday dinner. My favourite (mom’s) chicken curry and mixed veges.

Homemade English Breakfast, mom’s first!

Mom’s Famous Puffy Fluffy Pancakes

Failed picnic – instead of enjoying it outdoors on the beach, we had it in the car – cramped and stuffy – sheltering from the crazy rain and strong winds. We enjoyed Fish & Chips and Mince & Cheese Pie!

Papaya Mornings with Mom + morning chats + morning coffees + morning discussions/arguments of where to go and what to do for the day! 😉

I love runny yolks! Mom cringed but eventually got used to the golden lava!

Our special La Cigale Dinner – Game Night – Seafood (secret recipe) Bouillabaisse and Veal Bourguignon with roasted taters in rosemary and thyme and side salad…yum

Fabulous meals shared with family made lovingly by my sister and the freshest most delicious carrot and cauliflower coconut soup

Exciting New Finds, Concoctions and Adventures

Red Tamarillo – we were nicely shocked, it’s like a tomato! We expected something sweet!

Homemade Salmon Croissant by a very talented husband

Think this was a super burger called The Works!

Raw Falafel and Cousous Salad at Little Bird – SUPER DELICIOUS!

Raw Pad Thai – Double Whammy of Super Deliciousness… we walked out on a Raw High!

Our new favourite weekend chillout get together!

Our favourite Corn Beef Sammie… someone’s new weakness!

We did have one tiny mishap… oopsie.. but we did enjoy in our ultimate indulgence! No Pain, No Durian! 

New Addictions

I swear, I must have spent thousands of dollars on fruits and ate hundreds of kgs of fruits, especially kiwifruits and apples!!

Feijoa fresh from the garden, frozen by request to enjoy after the season ends!

Miniature Apples from Britomart Farmers Market – a taste of pure apple explosion packed in that tiny apple! I think I ate the whole bag that day.

Our vice – Almond Croissant

Mom’s vice – Buttered Date and Orange Scone!

Our new adventure with Gluten-Free Muffins! YUM!

Adventures and yummies from our backyard garden!

It’s so satisfying to pluck and harvest (may it only be with your fingers) your own vegetables and fruits in your backyard. So crunchy, so fresh, so green, so sweet and so delicious! I love all sweet and sour fruits, our 4 legged carrot and crunchy caterpillar munched lettuces!! Lovely!

I love my family!