Stuffed Artichoke with Grilled Capsicum Eggplant and Smoked Duck

So super happy I found these in the supermarket, albeit about 30min metro ride away! But well worth it!! Keep an eye out of what goodies I come up with them… just a hint… probably something to do with wraps again!! 😉 Te he…

I think it’s 2 types of Kale! Think it’s time to make some Kale Chips! I’ve read so much about it and have always wanted to try it… Yay!!!!!!!

Anyway, back to my artichokes… I bought 2 small artichokes from Leche-Babines about 2 weeks ago and only ended using them… yes, 2 weeks later! I am so ashamed (timing not right, other engagements, etc) and now they are old as heck and probably need double the stewing time, but time was so against me and so this is how the story goes… 😦

I came home at 3.30pm, because I went out to finally get all the ingredients I needed to make stuffed artichoke from a recipe that I saw online by Kapai Puku – a cereal, grain, sprout range including breakfast cereals, etc accidentally and thought, this sounds interesting. The final cut was the push of the fork down the middle of the artichoke, like butter and a mouthful and a big “mmmm….” and “yum….” and I said, yup I’m making this.

Alas, to my bad timing, I didn’t have enough time in the oven to stew/roast the artichoke through all the amounts of prep work, slicing, chopping, stewing, dicing, browning, roasting etc, I left myself with only 30min stewing time for the artichokes – and yes, you guessed it, it was unedible. We were pricked and poked all over in our mouths and at the end of it all, couldn’t even eat the heart of the artichoke so there was some good $16 worth of artichoke down the drain. The tomato stew was damn gorgeous though! So we just savoured on that with a side of roasted eggplant and capsicum and some smoked duck.

Think I will have to try this again some other day when I give myself more time!!!! *ggrrr*