Kale Krazy Week

I told you…

I warned you…

Yes, I made my week a Kale Krazy Week… and it was damn good and delicious!

My 30min metro journey was worth it – but I think I saw the same kale in the supermarket about 5min down my road just yesterday!!!! *boom* Haha…

First up is a simple wrap. All the ingredients are as they are in the picture with a side of Gochujang Sauce from Bibigo. Utterly delicious! My dream dinner!


Secondly, with all the Crispy Kale craze going around, I had to try it out from myself, I was going through cyber jealousy for all this time so I’m finally going to try my hand at it and here they are!

Simple crushed dried chillies, liquid smoke and water to create a kick of a seasoning, in the oven to bake for about 5min and voila, the damn most beautiful things I’ve ever eaten.

Crispy, crunchy, crumbly, spicy, bbq-y chippies I’ve ever had. They just melted in my mouth, rather crumbled in my mouth!!! Wowee… I’m going to get some more!

And my third day of kale, Wrap and Roll: Redo. I couldn’t get enough of them the first time around so I did it again and goodness gracious, I could eat them forever!!!!! This time, my home made Dwaejang Sauce with plenty of kicks and punches!


Please Miss, I want some more!