Golden Coconut Custard Tarts

Good morning one and all!!

*just a sideswipe – apparently we had a typhoon come through here yesterday – really? I thought we just had extra heavy winds and rain and that was just the rainy season saying hello?!*

Anyway, the sun is out today and the cicada’s are singing so the day should be enjoyed outside rather than in here! 😉 BUT, my blog is more important! Hah!

These beauties are made from a few ideas here and there but mainly from Rose Elliot Bakery Cookbook. I totally forgotten about it and just happen to pick it up, browsed through for a rich sweet pastry recipe when I stumbled into a recipe heading : Coconut Custard Tarts. I read through the ingredients and thought, right, I have all of these and some more, a few hits and misses and substitutes… for a dinner party so here we go!

No measurements, I just dump in whatever I had and stirred until I *thought* it was the right consistency.

Do you still trust me? I’ll be nice and give you ballpark figures here ok? But add and minus as you go and see fit.


2 cups flour (I used soy and buckwheat)

5 tbsp vegan margarine

2 tbsp castor sugar

1 tsp vanilla essence



2 eggs (substitute flax egg for vegans)


2 cups dessicated coconut

8 tbsp custard powder

10 tbsp sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

2 eggs

pinch of salt



To make the crust

1. Cream margarine and sugar still creamy and smooth then add in all the dry ingredients, slowly adding in the soymilk till the right firmish consistency plus vanilla. Make sure it comes together, but still bit crumbly.

2. Press firmly down into the muffin tray (so it doesn’t matter if it’s crumbly-it’s going to be baked anyway). Bake for about 15min under 180degC.

To make the filling

1. Just mix all the ingredients together, till a nice smooth, creamy, semi thick-runny consistency, gently combining them together.

2. Pour them into the tart base and bake for another 15 – 20min. Keep an eye on them, they might burn easily! (mine did! oops)



Beautiful aren’t they!? I couldn’t wait to take a slice and a sample.. bit burnt at the base but I blame it on the oven!


A big coconut cookie from the left overs! Lovely and crunchy!

Beautiful golden yellow tarts with a lovely brown crust… (these are the more successful ones! 😉