Curried Savoury Muffins: Resurrected

Yes, I have succumbed to doing a trilogy on my beautiful curried muffins. But don’t worry, it is definitely justified and without a doubt, a success! I never liked the idea of trilogies or quadrilogies, etc in movies because they can just get long winded and sometimes (well, most of the time) go wrong! My favourite, if you haven’t already picked out, was the Matrix Trilogy. They stopped when they did and it was perfect timing. Aliens was good too and Jurassic Park… can’t wait to see the latest Batman-Dark Knight show though, how long has that been going on now? They keep on going round in circles…

Anyway, back to my trilogy…

All you need for these beauties:

Curried Savoury Muffins, steamed with few chunks of Daiya Cheddar Cheese for about 10min

Plain Tuna Chunks, mixed with Pesto and a dollop or two of Nasoyanaise

To assemble, slice through the muffins and place the tuna pesto mix in between and enjoy! That simple, especially for a quick dinner with beautiful left overs.

Another yummy alternative for plain tuna with some left over greens that are turning brown!! (eeps)

Layer together:

Cabbage, Lettuce and Spinach, sliced and steamed

Tuna Chunks

Special topping – minced ginger, garlic, dwaejang, chilli flakes, sesame seeds (Srirancha sauce too if you’re feeling adventurous)

Mix and Enjoy! Oh my goodness… SO SO Good!

And just to add in a little more to the whole deliciousness…

Happy Birthday Jie, we hope you had a wonderful time of celebration!

We enjoyed a little party of our own too, on behalf of my sister’s birthday all the way down under and we’re all the way up above.

Roasted (almost burnt) Deliciousness consisting of broccoli, onions, tempeh, courgette, fish finger chips, beef and fish balls and…

With these two dippings, you cannot go wrong!

Tofu Dwaejang and Peanut Satay Sauces.. YUMMO!