Chef Meili Austria

Having had such a wonderful impression of Chef Meili’s sausages, we decided to try out their restaurant/cafe to really have the full experience. The restaurant was on the second floor, with their deli counter at the bottom selling a full array of sausages, cold cuts, smoked salmon, cheeses and even some beer in the fridge. The sausages were made there behind the counter, so fresh which we thought we so authentic and great to see!

The restaurant upstairs was so rustic, with cowbells and old bottles of fine wine, very European and homely but a tad bit small and cramped. The menu was not very extensive, focusing on their speciality, sausages, cheeses and cold cuts, but also some European favourites such as goulash.

We ordered the Sausage and Cheese platters and a side of House Salad

What we thought – good tasting sausages and sauerkraut, good tasting cheeses BUT very bad price – overly expensive, stupidly thin sliced cheeses, dirty salad – it wasn’t washed because there were traces of caterpillar poo and soil everywhere. We returned it and was brought out another fresh new salad (traces of water everywhere – a good sign they washed it this time) but the house salad only had lettuce and carrots.  Also, we couldn’t identify the supposedly 5 different sausages, the 4 tasted and looked the same, except for one obviously darker sausage. All up for the entire meal, we paid W50,000 inc tax which we didn’t think was worth it. The house salad alone was W4,500. I think I can buy a week’s worth of veges from the supermarket with that money.

We’ll stick with buying sausages and cheeses downstairs in their deli instead – because the sausages were nice. We paid W4,500 for 3 sausages, so not worth over paying just to sit in their restaurant upstairs. They were saved by their sausages!