Purple Corn, Chef Meili’s Sausages and Fire Burning Tteokbukki

How can you not want to try that?

What gorgeous colour! They were calling out to me from the shelves and I had to buy them. They taste the same except slightly stronger corn taste and less in flavour. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed them steamed with all the rest of the goodies for dinner that night.

Another adventurous buy were 3 different types of sausages from Chef Melei at Itaewon, an Austrian deli and cafe. We just had to try them out. I cannot remember what sausages we specifically bought but one was fine grind pork, smoked pork and beef sausages. They were ridiculously delicious, the best sausages we’ve tasted so far!!! For the 3 of them, they came up to $4.20. A great buy, next try: the cafe/restaurant upstairs!!

And our weekend adventurous eat…

Before I go any further, I want to say how proud I am of my husband for actually ordering this… well, not the first picture – safe fried goodies, but scroll further down to the second photo…

Yes, the fire hot red sticky, gooey, spicy as heck tteokbukki. I was in utter disbelief that he would order it but he did. Knowing that he cannot eat hot food, he stood there and chomped it all down without a breather. It all went down and he was a happy chappy!! Didn’t even suffer from tummyache after that, all he wanted was a cold drink. Wow! What a big change! I am so proud of him!!

We ordered fried dumplings, squid, japchae, surimi in the first round;

And the second round we had spicy tteokbukki, fried eggs (which were his favourite), squid, surimi, dumplings and japchae. It was lovely! I think we might, might?, might probably try it again!! Cheap lunch! πŸ™‚ This is one thing we like about this country – burn your mouth, throat, intestine hot cheap side street food! Yay!