Kraze Burger Lunch and more Organic Goodies by Leche-Babines

Wondering about Itaewon after a neck breaking, backbone cracking, metal bed rolling session and told that we needed to start eliminating bad foods from our diets, we headed to Kraze Burger!

Make sense?

Definitely! Our diet was going to start on Monday. It was Saturday so we could enjoy ourselves before the restraint starts…

So off we trotted to fill our bellies with some good old juicy, greasy, fried, saucy goodness food and we found Kraze Burger just at our doorstep.

The menu was very extensive, offering a whole load of varieties, options, sets, etc like they do here. They also had the un-burger burger where there’s no bread but more meat pattie or for the vege version, salad or lettuce option. They also had vege patties and salads which were nice to see. We couldn’t decide for some time so we just went for some good old familiar names and combinations.

The double cheeseburger and cheesy chips were up first – loaded with 2 types of melted cheese and we think it’s mayo

And just to feel good, the Kraze Tofu Salad – of course not to disappoint, were fried along with the mushroom strings on top and several sprinkles of parmesan (that combination flavour didn’t go down well at all!)

Lovely half slice with hearty meat patties, melted cheese and bbq sauce, lettuce and pickles – got the thumbs up! It was packed so high up, the burger had to be split in half again. No human can take a bite from that towering burger!

And from our lovely friends at Leche-Babines, the last few organic artichokes (before they equal the price of gold) and some beautiful fennel and dill – double score! Aurore was nice enough to offer me Fennel and Apple Juice which was refreshing and gorgeous on a sticky, humid, warm day. Feels like rainy season is coming!