Leche Babines’ Salmon and Asparagus Bacon Quiches

Quiche… now that’s a word you don’t hear often in the Land of the Morning Calm. Seriously, I’m not sure when was the last time I tasted quiche, but then again, everything western or foreign is expensive here so we tend to stay away from it. But this little beauty, I couldn’t resist. Thanks to Leche-Babines, we enjoyed these two gorgeous quiches for dinner one night alongside some local dumplings.

I heard of Leche-Babines a while back by accident and have been following them ever since. They are a small company that cater for rare foreign food, organically grown by local farmers such as asparagus, fennel, artichokes, celeriac and more, also game meat such as rabbit and wild boar and soon venturing into sausages. I myself have never eaten game meat and hear that it is the leanest and organic, heck, sign me up for it.

Bacon and Asparagus, Salmon, Dill and Lemon Quiches with Kimchi and Meat Mandu

I met Aurore Skelton a month ago and have since visited her twice now to do my monthly organic gathering and when she mentioned quiches on sale too, man, was I eager to get my hands on them! My husband loves quiche too so what are we waiting for?! Off I went. For W9,000 a quiche, it wasn’t too bad considering it was thick and chunky. There wasn’t enough salmon or bacon though, but the quiches were light and fluffy, the pastry was buttery and crispy, overall, very fragrant and cheesey smelling quiches, they were lovely. Can we have more salmon and bacon next time please Aurore? 😉 I just love my salmon and my husband loves his bacon! Match made in heaven!!

Leche-Babines is currently located in a “hole in the wall” – seriously – for 1 month trial period, selling gorgeous organic hard to find vegetables. I was looking forward to getting my hands on some artichokes, wanting to try an Italian recipe for Stuffed Artichokes but when I got to her and with her lovely smile, she told me they were all sold out! 😦 BUMMER! I was so looking forward to trying them, as I’ve never cooked or eaten them before. Last month we enjoyed her asparagus, fennel and endives, last week I saw celeriac and baby courgettes. They were gorgeous and those baby organic carrots were oh so beautiful! Can’t wait to try out some game meat too!!