Softest Chocochip Ice Cupcakes for Breakfast, a Traditional Tea Ceremony for Lunch and Veggie Nori Wrap for Dinner

Starting off breakfast with dessert is the best thing ever! We are so glad to be adults and lead our own lives and yes, it also means we can do what we want and we had dessert for breakfast!! These were so simple, so quick and easy but one I made yesterday and left to freeze overnight to be enjoyed this morning.

I decided to play around and experiment (must always experiment)! I bought a few bit and pieces and tried to make sure they some how match each other and ingredients that I have at home too. I made use of the goodies that my husband brought back from UK on his recent trip and it was his favourite – Angel Delights – which we couldn’t find here and his favourites are banana, vanilla, chocolate and especially butterscotch!

So here we go, I started off with some gorgeous super soft, chocolatey, chunky cookie that I’ve found so far out there on the shelves – having tried some samples which walking around the supermarket – and decided that these ones are super soft and so decadent too! So so chocolatey-actually tell me if there are other more soft ones out there that are super indulgent ok? Would love to know!

So I just lined the muffin tray with muffin foils, laid down the chocolate chip cookie face down (so they could also be served upside down with the beautiful chocolate cookie on top) and covered them with chocolate flavoured angel delight (mixed with soymilk).

And these are the few others that I tried too; left to right clockwise, starting from the top popsicle:

Butterscotch Angel Delight Chocolate Chunks, Orange Blueberry Fizz, Tahini Chocolate Chunks, Butterscotch Banana Popsicle Angel Delight and Choc Choc Chip Angel Delight Ice Tart.

The flavours were amazing, my husband enjoyed them all except for the tahini pop, but that one’s my favourite!! I love tahini!!

Can’t wait to do more experiments, keep an eye out on future Ice POP Experimentos!

For lunch, I had a date with the Namsan Hanok Village where I had the pleasure of experiencing a Traditional Costume, Music and Tea Ceremony. I never knew that a cup of Green Tea could take so much work and effort! It tasted absolutely delicious, like no other green tea I’ve ever tasted before! Now I know the secret to brewing great tea.

Traditional Tea Ceremony Set UP

We also enjoy traditional sweets, Redbean stuffed Sticky Rice Cake, covered with a Rose Jelly, super gorgeous and delicious!

And for dinner, we had a big spread, super big spread. All green, all crunchy, gorgeous, green and grumsiliumptious!

Lets start with a piece of laver, layered with pickled cucumber and ginger, left over cold noodles, steamed spinach, onion rings and garlic, shredded cabbage, lettuce and slices of lemon rind.

With more pickled ginger and steamed sliced garlic on the side. And without a doubt, a few healthy squeezes of Srirancha Sauce.

Slice, Dip and Dunk. Open Wide, Munch Munch and Munch. Super Super Delicious. Trust Me.