My One Bowl Wonders

Good morning everyone! I know that whatever it is that you’re doing, you took the time to look at my new post and I want to thank you for it. This morning, you won’t be disappointed, I have beautiful one shots of my beautiful bowl foods! Yup, I love my bowl and so I created bowl foods for me. My magical bowl allows me to dice, slice and sprinkle anything I want in it and still come out looking gorgeous! 😉 I love my bowl!!

I am guilty of buying ingredients and produce on impulse. This is my self indulgent impulse buys that I don’t feel guilty about, unlike shoes, clothes, books, bags, etc where I do feel guilty after buying them! Do you impulse buy ingredients? or just gorgeous produce you happen to stumble upon when you least expect it? My heart just flutters! I’m seriously crazy! But glad that they’re cheaper (waaay cheaper than that Jimmy Choo’s behind the window!) and yes I’m talking about 50cents to $1 at the cheapest! YaY for me!!

My first beautiful bounty one bowl wonder!

Tomato Carpaccio with chopped Dino Kale, Sauerkraut, Pumpkin, Sunflower and Sesame Seeds, topped with Srirancha Sauce

Nori Omelette topped with Spring Onions, Fennel, Srirancha Sauerkraut and burnt omelette crumbs!

(a sneak peak of the bottom!)

Mixed Veges and Asparagus, fresh green chillies, minced garlic and ginger, topped with Sauerkraut and Sesame Seeds, crushed red chilli flakes and a Boiled Egg!

(of course, topped with Srirancha Sauce)

I don’t know if you’re like me, I take inspiration from kitchen equipments that I buy. How I can use that piece more and more? And I’ve come up with my own “Bowl Food” which sounds much like “Soul Food”. My bowl soul food. I love this fast, quick concept, so fresh and clean. I also like eating with a spoon, leaving my other hand free to squirt as much Srirancha Sauce as I want (with every spoonful *wink*wink*).

I picked this beautiful handmade piece (which I call my bibimbap bowl) in Insadong which I’ve been hunting down for the longest time. My all time favourite bowl, and the bowl that started this hunt was from my neighbourhood Pork House where I have my favourite bibimbap.  Have you got a favourite bowl? Tell me all about it and how it’s inspired your meals! 🙂