Full English Breakfast (but not how you know it)

Having had a testy day at work, I innocently asked my husband what he absolutely craved right now, what he would just love to eat right now. I wanted to cheer him up from such a frustrating day, well hoping to cheer him up or take the worry out of his mind anyway, my way, through food-the only way I know how.

Full English Breakfast.

Oh, I thought, I didn’t expect that reply thinking/hoping it would be something I could pick up on my way home like pizza or Subway sammie! I thought, right, this is going to be a challenge because I’m quite sure some of the ingredients in a full English breakfast cannot be found here.

So I asked him, what is in a Full English Breakfast?

Mushrooms, Beans, Bacon, Sausages, Black Pudding, Hash Brown and Fried Eggs.


How the heck am I going to give him a Full English Breakfast here in the Land of Morning Calm at the absolute last minute? He’s due home in about 30min time! There is NO WAY… but the more I think about it, I came up with some creative ideas to substitute local ingredients and leftovers for this Full English Breakfast… yes, it CAN BE DONE! I was excited… so here we go, a Full English Breakfast – but not how you know it!

Left over Kabocha Black Bean stew with Pumpkin, Sesame and Sunflower Seeds

Sundae (Korean version of Black Pudding)

Smoked Duck

Let me introduce you to the Full Korean Breakfast

oh yes, you heard (read) me right! * squealing with excitement*

Talk about the mother of all Full Korenglish Breakfast!!

Sauteed Mushrooms (Sauteed Mushrooms)

Fried Eggs (Fried Eggs)

Stewed Kabocha (sub for Baked Beans and Hash Brown)

Chipotle Sausage (sub for Pork Sausages)

Smoked Duck (sub for Bacon)

Sundae ( sub for Black Pudding)

What do you guys think? A successful substitution with local ingredients? HECK YEAH!!!! Got the thumbs up from the hubby too, so that’s a major score!!

This is the REAL Full English Breakfast that my husband enjoyed recently

I watched on the sideline with this bowl of loveliness and my newfound Cayenne Pepper topping! *talk about a big kick* YUM!

And for dessert, frozen Banana Blueberry Fingers! They look kinda freaky actually! 🙂

Full Korean Breakfast (take 2)

I am glad to know that I can whip up a quick Full English Breakfast – kind of like the Quickfire Mystery Box Challenge in the Masterchef series! Think I can enter in the next season!! 😉 I loved the challenge, think I want to replay the quickfire mystery box challenge again and soon!! I think he liked the meal, but unfortunately there’s more left overs, lets see what I can come up with them!