Curried Tempeh Chips and Wraps

I always crave for spicy food, chilli, curry, that red hot hit when you take the first mouthful, I ALWAYS crave for spicy chilli hot, ear, nose, mouth, mind blowing hot chilli food. Curry always hits the spot but sometimes I just don’t have time or the patience to cook a nice decadent, thick, smooth, creamy, rich curry so what do I do? I just sprinkle curry powder and some water just as I’m about to turn off the fire over the stove and still get that curry hot kick that I need.

These past 2 days I’ve had my lazy curry version – dry coated curry, my style, quick and easy.

2 weeks ago if I recall, I went to a lovely farmer’s market and picked up some organic fennel, endive and asparagus and to date I’m still trying to finish them. I’ve only known that you eat endive in a salad/raw form until I crossed a post that had the title “Grilled Endive…” and thought, I’d give that a go.

And voila, Grilled Curried Endives and Tempeh with a side of Fresh Salad and Grapes

Day 2 brought me down to my knees, what more could you ask for? Green Goddess Bowl, Dinosaur Kale and Swiss Chard Wrap – with Curried Caramelised Onions and Tempeh. O M G ness…

Ready for My Close Up and Personal… Asparagus, Cucumber, Onions, Tempeh and Brussel Sprout. Open WIDE!

Look at that gorgeous Asparagus Chard!!! After 2 weeks and still looking like that?… proves that organic is best!

Wrap and Roll, Bite, Savour and melt in your seat…

Playing around with my food combination. The curried onions were to DIE for!! Just give me a big bowl full and I’ll be happy.

Dino Kale Time! It was mahusive! Chomp Chomp Chomp!