On My Food Trail

Welcome back to me! Has anyone missed me? I’ve missed me, I’ve missed blogging.

My laptop has been out of order and it’s like loosing my right arm for crying out loud!

What happened? My hard drive died so the laptop wouldn’t start up. Apparently it’s so damaged – the repairman told me – beyond repair and he had no idea how I did it and what happened. Lucky enough all the files were recoverable. Thank goodness. I was worried sick that I would loose precious files especially photos that are non replaceable! Now, I’m happy happy to be back in the tech world.

This world and everything around me is now ruled by technology, smartphone on my left hand, typing away on my laptop with my right hand and every now and then tapping on the iPad somewhere or rather. The past few days without my laptop has taught me a lesson, take better care of my laptop! You’d think I’d say life is much more without technology and enjoy the simple times, but no I’m a techie-junkie. YES I AM!

I have decided not to retrace my steps and continue where I left off because there is just too much to catch up on and it would be just ridiculous. So I’ll just do my best not to inundate this post with just too many mix and matches. Just minimal words but magical pictures!

My gallivanting adventures… come with me!

Found these beauties in my newly opened neighbourhood supermarket *happy happy joy joy* so…

We had this! Yay! Bliss… it’s been too long my creamy, thick, custard darling. Oh, you are my ultimate vice!

I made these Banana Almond Sandwich. My first cold, sweet sandwich, turned out super delicious and decadent.

Fried Bread in Coconut Oil

Slices of Banana, Whole Almonds, Yoghurt

Fried Bread in Coconut Oil

I let the layers marinate over night in the fridge (if you’re patient enough) and enjoy a ready-made breakfast the next morning in bed. Yes? I think so!

Yummy Korean Melon, so sweet so crunchy. Yes, seeds included! 🙂

We had a date night out at Kyotofu, a 3 course set menu;

Tofu Salad

Burger Sliders (Crab, Shrimp and Chicken)

Dessert Taster Platter (Custard Tofu, Matcha Tofu, Lemon and Chocolate Cakes)

On one of my ME-Day, I enjoyed my jumbo dumplings again, was utterly craving for them. Kimchi Mandu please! What bliss! It’s the best mandu I’ve ever had, fat, juicy and spicy goodness!

Now, for some home cooked goodness over the weeks…

Sesame Seed Leaf, Lettuce Leaf, Blanched Broccoli, Tofu and Sirancha Chilli Sauce

Beautiful Bean Bowl of Goodness and my favourites, Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts!

This Galbi Pumpkin Bowl was created from a single image on the front facade of a newly opened restaurant next door. Not knowing what we would walk in, I decided to create my own.

Roasted pork galbi (still rolled).

Halved the kaboocha which I pierced and filled with galbi sauce for extra oomph and galbi-ness and roasted for 1.5hrs.

When done, I place the roasted pork galbi rolls inside the kaboocha halves.

Scrape the sticky galbi sauce and glaze over the top, enjoy!

Butter bean, parsley and courgette frittata, roasted golden onions and garlic and a side of fresh greens

Fried tofu pockets stuffed with butterbean and tofu pate with Sticky Teriyaki Sesame Weiners

Tofu pockets (take two) – Double layer green leaves topped with Dwaejang Chilli Sauce

Steamed sesame spinach greens, panfried garlic tofu (my tofu new find) and dwaejang chilli sauce

Spinach, sauerkraut and endive salad nori roll with slices of roasted garlic and dwaejang chilli sauce

Mixed greens and the magical dwaejang, chilli and minced garlic and ginger sauce

Grilled Endives and Tomatoes, Sauerkraut and A Big Green Side Salad

This bowl of Green Gorgeous Beauty is so simple and so delicious!

Cucumber, Coriander, Celery, Sunflower and Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds. Healthy squirts of Lime and Lemon Juices and a heavy dollop of tahini – also an added option, yoghurt. YUM!

So what do you guys think? Exciting isn’t it? I feel so good about posting these selected few for you, so dead simple and you cannot believe the texture, taste and how well things go together with spare parts in your fridge! When you need to use things up, you will come up with something unique and surprising for sure, I even surprise myself! 🙂