KARMA The Musical

KARMA The Musical

A Non Verbal Fantasy Performance here you can watch in Seoul, Korea

Is Absolutely Breathtaking.

A big thank you to Visit Korea, where as part of their foreigner involvement scheme, they encourage the participation of foreigners living in Korea to enjoy and immerse themselves into the culture, life and education. I couldn’t wait to participate and learn about everything and all of my new home. Their most recent event was the KARMA musical which is a non verbal fantasy performance which is undertaken in their Gusegun Art Hall in Chungjeongno Station (details below).

This performance is combined with martial arts, dance and theatre which is utterly beautiful and mesmerising to the audience. The show is based on a classic tale of struggle between good and evil that takes place in the realm of god and goddess. Beyond all mortal time and space, an alien pantheon is ruled over by the wise and benevolent King of the gods – Karis and his beautiful love Aria – the goddess of the Moon.

Asura – the greedy god who was once the radiant god of the stars and now covets the throne occupied by Karis, has managed to steal the ruby – coloured enchanted fruit which bestows omnipotence on anyone who possesses it. Karma is a classic tale of fate, love and conspiracy (taken from karma.kr)

The other characters included the four guardian gods – White Tiger of the West, Azure – Dragon of the East, Vermillion – Bird of the South, Black Tortoise of the North/Asura – The Greedy God, Goddess of Stars and Clown.

I really enjoyed the show which started off by Clown introducing the performance and entertaining the audience in a jovial way. Beautiful Goddess of the Stars seem to float on air by their soft movements alongside the audience, heading up towards the stage where the show really started. Each character were introduced by taking centre stage and slowly but surely, the performance started.

Not being able to snap any photos during the show, I managed to take some at the curtain call. The talented cast and director took the stage with cheers and applaud from the audience for such a wonderful performance which touched every single person I’m sure. The costume, makeup, head pieces, movements and music were wonderfully choreographed and delivered. Each of the cast had the most mesmerising facial expression which was truly powerful to evoke such feeling of emotion on the audience, especially me. I shed a tear during the show which was a surprise to me.

The performance included screen live paintings which were used to show the passing seasons, cinematography to show special effects during fighting scenes- which was totally brilliant as I’ve not seen anything like it before, stage props which were made, painted and moved around effortlessly, the choreography and drums which were pure talent where every single cast showed off their talent to their fullest through the rapid movements of their chest after a strong performance. I was utterly fascinated, blown away and glad to be able to enjoy the performance as I would truly say that I wouldn’t mind watching it again. The show was breathtaking.

After the final bow, Clown came onstage, did his final funny thing and then came down into the audience for high fives. He lead us out to the foyer where the cast lined up for photo opportunity. This was a lovely surprise which was very unexpected, again I’ve never had the opportunity to come up and close with the cast in their full glory, costume and smiles! I was utterly star struck and overjoyed! Suffice to say, I did take the opportunity and giggled away like a school girl! *blush*

Go watch the show, it is a wonderful and fantastical show with beautiful costumes, full of talent, lovely and wonderful cast! You will be moved by the performance although not a single word was uttered. The power of music, facial expressions and movement is truly amazing.


Performance Period: Mon – Fri (8pm), Sat (3 & 7pm), Sun (3pm)

Venue: KARMA Theatre (Gusegun Art Hall/Chungjeongno Station, Exit 7)

Genre: Musical Fantasy

Contact: KARMA Call Centre 02 336 1289 or online www.karma.kr

Prices available online.