Window Bakery Collection and Coffee Expo 2012

Events after events seem to be headed our way, well, it’s all thanks to me and my nose poking everywhere, every blog, every group, being on facebook 24/7, oh dear, I’m such a nosey parker and yes, this time it’s definitely paid off. This little number showed up in a random post called Window Bakery Collection 2012. I was immediately pulled in just from the title. I was intrigued and very interested. I thought, we have to go to this one! The pre production photos were so enticing and included magical words like coupons, vouchers, goodie bags, free samples etc. Again, with the language barrier, I’m quite sure we missed out on some of them.

We arrived 30min before the event so we decided to head to a cafe just next door. Our order for coffee and patbingsu came 15min later in which a line started for form in front of us. I was curious, why were they lining up so early on? Were the first 10 people going to receive free goodie bags? Were they going to get something special? What is it that I was missing out on? That was really frustrating for me so our conversation ended right there and then between me and my husband and turned into frustration. My poor hubby wasn’t sure what to do but encouraged me to quickly have a bit, a slurp at my super duper hot coffee and join the line. After an excruciating 15min watching the line grow longer and longer, I couldn’t take it any longer and joined the line, leaving him to finish his coffee and dessert.

This is what welcomed me as I walked in along with several other hundred people who waited in line…

There were 9 displays from 9 chosen bakeries & dessert cafes who participated in this 2day event and every stand had samples upon samples of their goodies. Artisan breads and pastries, chocolates, cookies, ice cream, traditional and fusion flavours came pouring out. There was no end to slices of breads, macaroons, cookies, sample scoops of ice cream, chocolates so after all that, there was no need to line up. I felt like a knob. Silly me. Goodie bags and coupons were available for purchase so that kinda shot me down. Oh well, at least we walked away with a full belly of wheat, chocolates and buttery goodness. Lesson learnt.

Following the Window Bakery Collection, we headed off the next day to the Coffee Expo. Ready to be flying and jumping off the walls by the end of the day, this expo only took up 2 halls and was mainly focused on true Coffee Connoisseurs, Buyers and Traders. The rest of us were there for the samples. We didn’t have much coffee to sample, however had our share of fruit smoothies. It was alright but wasn’t worth it. We were mostly avoided because we couldn’t speak the lingo.

However, overall, it was a pleasant experience, we saw alot of old coffee machines and super duper new ones that are so fancy and out of this world. We tried roasted cacao beans which were heavenly and our favourite being Espresso in a Bottle. That was a novelty for us, USD38 a bottle? Hhmm… not sure about that. Good idea though!