Dilly Dally(ing) Cafe en route to a Korean Traditional Cooking Class

Don’t you just love it when you find a cute kitschy cafe on your daily wanderings around a new place? My new find was this delicious, baby blue little inviting shop that makes the most amazing pastries and bakings like I’ve never seen before. I had to stop and take a whiff at what’s happening inside!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Oh stop me from drooling!

After a nice break, I made my way down to a Korean Traditional Cooking Class which I happen to accidentally stumble upon while browsing through the Korean Tourism Website – Free Cooking Classes for Foreigners! Yay, sign me up please. I was lucky to get the last spot as well as a complimentary live theatre show called BiBap so I was thoroughly chuffed. The class included a tour to the Tteok (Rice Cake) Museum as well. YAY!! My first foodie cooking class, I was so looking forward to it.

We were made to wear Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress)

The class was taken by Dr. Sook Ja Yoon. She is a Lecturer, Chairman, Professor, Examiner, Judge in the Korean Culinary World… and the list goes on. She has extensive experience and knowledge with Traditional Korean Cuisine.

We enjoyed what we learnt which was – Spring Greens Bibimbap and Azalea Hwajeon (Rice Pancake)

Before our meal, we had a quick tour of the rooftop where there were pots of Kimchi, Dwaejang and Gochujang fermenting. The tastes and smells of the fermentation were strong as well as delicious, like nothing I’ve ever tasted before – the best I’ve tasted. The store bought stuffs are nothing compared to what I tasted at the meal!! I cannot believe that the fermented pots have such great views! So jealous!!

All things in Korea are so cute. These are 3D framework of the Korean Life alongside the Tteok Museum.

At the BiBap Show in Myeong Dong – SUPER AWESOME SHOW!!! šŸ™‚

I couldn’t help but snap this photos, roasted chestnuts are my ultimate favourite street snack. These were so lush, big, fat, plump and so deliciously roasted… (then I got told off for taking the photo!) *sigh* You just have to build a thick skin when it comes to that right? You KNOW you’re going to get told off but you risk your integrity for that… why aren’t people more photo friendly???? I’ve had lots of telling off and beingĀ embarrassedĀ in front of strangers but I’m determined to snap that picture and have a copy in my file!!

Are you that daring? Have you been told off? Sneaked a photo or two or are you one that asks permission first? šŸ˜‰